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27 Aug 2010 Takes on the Upcoming Oracle Solaris 11 [23419]
Two Points of View on Oracle's Plans for Solaris/OpenSolaris

"Disappointed" is probably not too strong a word to describe Ben Rockwood's response to the message John Fowler delivered Aug. 10 on the Oracle Systems Strategy Update. A considerably more sanguine assessment of Fowler's message, and of the prospects for OpenSolaris, was expressed by Constantin Gonzalez in his blog "Oracle Solaris 11 is the Future". This article highlights these two bloggers' views.
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17 Aug 2010 Oracle Attributed Memo Positions Solaris Development [23408]
Solaris 11 Express Only Binary Distribution

Purportedly, a leaked internal memo to the Solaris Engineering team states OpenSolaris distribution releases have ceased along with nightly source code drops. The Solaris 11 Express binary release, which is expected to be available later this year, will be offering developers a free right-to-use (RTU) license, and customers will have an optional support plan. Besides these aspects of the OS, Oracle's business objectives for Solaris also were discussed in the memo.
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12 Aug 2010 Oracle Systems Strategy Update [23392]
Plans for Oracle's SPARC Servers and Solaris Discussed

During a live Webcast held Aug. 10, Oracle Executive Vice President for Server and Storage Systems John Fowler discussed a five-year road map for Sun's SPARC-based servers and next year's planned release of Solaris 11.
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11 Aug 2010 Illumos Project - An Alternative Set of OpenSolaris Technologies [23378]
Community-built and -maintained Version of Oracle's OpenSolaris

The newly launched Illumos Project is aspiring to be the community-built and -maintained version of Oracle's OpenSolaris code. Illumos will be based on OS/Net, a consolidation of the core operating system and networking components of OpenSolaris, with all the closed source elements replaced with open source versions. The project plans on following upstream releases closely, and will be tracking Oracle's source changes and integrating them into the code base. The project also will allow for continued independent development.
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10 Aug 2010 Multiple Server Hardware Options Available for Customers [23382]
Oracle Solaris Hardware Compatibility List Tells Which Systems are Certified

The announcement of Dell and HP readying to resell Oracle's Solaris and Enterprise Linux operating systems, as well as its Oracle VM implementation of the Xen hypervisor on their respective PowerEdge and ProLiant servers, has prompted a couple of bloggers to remind customers that these systems are just two of a multitude of systems available to them as options.
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