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24 Mar 2012 illumos and the Google Summer of Code [25750]
Experienced staff members will mentor student projects

The illumos project has been accepted as a “mentoring organization” for the Google Summer of Code program (GSoC 2012). The illumos project is a community-driven open source operating system development project derived from the former OpenSolaris project.

The GSoC program promotes open source by sponsoring summer internships for students interested in working on open source projects like illumos. Members of the illumos community (including Nexenta and Joyent) support this program by offering experienced staff members willing to mentor student projects.

If you might like to apply for one of these internships, or just want to learn more about our involvement in this program, please see the illumos GSoC page.
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27 Feb 2012 Solaris 11 Automated Installer Quick Setup Guide in a Zone [25511]
Post Labels this Install "Very Easy"

Andrew Watkins presents a how-to for a quick setup guide to automated installation of Solaris 11 in a zone. Watkins writes that this automated install is a "very easy" procedure.
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06 Jan 2012 Illumos User Group Meetup - Menlo Park, Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 7:00 PM [25195]
Live Stream and Playback Available

There is now a group dedicated to Illumos.

The next Meetup event will take place on Jan 10th event at the offices of Delphix. The Meeting Topic is, "ZFS is ten years old!"

A live video stream of the Meetup will be here.

Matt Ahrens of the ZFS Working Group will talk about what's new and what's coming in ZFS, with time for discussion about other topics of interest to the community. Pizza and beer (and soft drinks) will be provided.

For future meetings (after this one) we'll trade locations between Delphix's Menlo Park office and Joyent's San Francisco office, to spread the commute burden. Frequency of meetings TBD.

Illumos is a fully open community project to develop a reliable and scalable operating system. It began as a fork of the former OpenSolaris operating system.

Sponsors of the Illumos project include Joyent, Nexenta, OpenIndiana", and Delphix.
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20 Dec 2011 Video: The Rise & Development of Illumos [25110]
Bryan Cantrill VP, Engineering, Joyent, Pulls Back the Curtain (1hr)

The video of Bryan's talk is now available. He is a great speaker and he adds much to the slide deck. Warning: some of his remarks are quite frank.

The Illumos project is the fully open community fork of the OpenSolaris operating system lead by Garrett D'Amoreat of Nexenta.

Joyent VP for Engineering Bryan Cantrill colorfully details "Fork Yeah! The Rise and Development of illumos" in his presentation that answers the question "WTF is illumos?" in the following way:

An open source descendant of OpenSolaris, which itself was a branch of Solaris Nevada which was the name of the release after Solaris10, and was open but is now closed, and is itself a descendant of Solaris2.x, but it can all be called "SunOS5.x" -- but not "SunOS4.x" --"(that's different).
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16 Dec 2011 Using NexentaStor ZFS storage appliance with vSphere [25088]
Community Edition Has Deduplication, Compression, Snapshots and Moe

Last year, Tomi Hakala wrote an article describing how to use NexentaStor to create an NFS share on a commodity x86 box and make that share available to vSphere. Those steps with version 3.0 are still the same with version 3.1:

  • Install NexentaStor; obtain a unique key; enter key
  • Create a ZFS volume
  • Create a folder
  • Configure NFS Server (use NFS v3)
  • Note the mount point in which folder is available to NFS client
  • Open vSphere Client and mount NAS datastore

NexentaStor 3.x is a major release, with many new features, improved hardware support, and many bug fixes over the older Developer Edition including:

  • In-line deduplication for primary storage and backup
  • Free for up to 18 TB of overall raw storage capacity (i.e. sum of all ("raw") disks sizes, excepting logs, caches and spares)
  • Supports easy upgrade to future Community Edition releases and to Enterprise Edition licenses
  • Support for user and group quotas
  • The ability to automatically expand pools

NexentaStor 3.x Community ISO CD images can be installed on "bare-metal" x86/64 hardware. VM installed images are also available.
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