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21 Jul 2012 New features in open source ZFS [26955]
Contributors include the companies Delphix, Nexenta and Joyent

Martin MatuĀška writes, "Since OpenSolaris got discontinued, the development of open source ZFS continues at the illumos project. The main contributors are the companies Delphix, Nexenta and Joyent. In this post I am going to sum up the main user-visible changes in ZFS since the start of illumos."

He lists the changes under these topics:

  • Changes to the "zfs" command:
  • Changes to the "zpool" command:
  • New ZFS dataset properties:
  • New ZFS pool properties:

Martin is an IT Manager, System Designer, System Administrator and Application Developer with a focus on open source solutions including the ZFS file system.
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22 Jun 2012 After Oracle, OpenSolaris rises again [26669]
Multiple initiatives continue to develop the code formerly known as OpenSolaris

Simon Phipps asks, "While some of the open source projects that Sun Microsystems created -- and which I used to work with -- have maintained a high profile, the one most associated with Sun in the minds of system administrators has been strangely forgotten ... Whatever happened to OpenSolaris?"

Oracle may have killed off the OpenSolaris project but not the community, and from that community like a phoenix, project illumos has arisen.

Simon says, "Today, multiple initiatives continue to develop the code formerly known as OpenSolaris, enhancing it and building businesses around it. The cloud hosting company Joyent has created an operating system called SmartOS as the basis for its virtualization and storage environment. Networked storage vendor Nexenta has created NexentaStor, an open source, ZFS-based storage appliance operating system at the heart of its OpenStorage vision. OmniTI, an IT services and consulting company, has created a complete operating system called OmniOS, a delivery vehicle for DTrace and ZFS for Web stack solutions."
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03 May 2012 ZFS feature flags update [26164]
A design for a ZFS on-disk versioning method

ZFS on-disk formats are versioned using a single integer. The last OpenSolaris version was 28 for pools. This worked when Sun controlled ZFS versioning, but in Illumos multiple organizations may be working on new ZFS versions in parallel. What happens when Delphix uses ZFS version 30 for a new async destroy feature and Nexenta uses ZFS version 30 for RAID-Z4?

A proposed solution call called "ZFS Feature Flags" was presented at the January 2012 Illiumos Meetup. Slides and video of that talk is available.

Last summer Basil Crow, an intern at Delphix, implemented the core components. Delphix has integrated the "SPA/zpool versioning" part of that work into the next version of their product and they plan to push this work back into Illumos soon.
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30 Mar 2012 illumos FAQs [25857]
illumos ... a truly open source Solaris

illumos is a fully open community project to develop a reliable and scalable operating system. It began as a fork of the former OpenSolaris operating system.

The FAQ section of the site features such questions as "What is the objective of the illumos project?", "How do I download the software?", "Is illumos free software (open source)?", etc.
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30 Mar 2012 ZFS Resources [25859]
Getting Started, Links and Videos

ZFS is a combined file system and logical volume manager designed by Sun more than 10 years ago. The features of ZFS include data integrity verification against data corruption modes, support for high storage capacities, integration of the concepts of filesystem and volume management, snapshots and copy-on-write clones, continuous integrity checking and automatic repair, RAID-Z and native NFSv4 ACLs. ZFS is implemented as open-source software, licensed under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL).

The illumos wiki page for ZFS has a useful set of links to documents and videos including on-going illumos ZFS projects.
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