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05 Jul 2011 Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office 365 [24322]
365 Reasons to Consider Google Apps

Users who have not yet committed to either Microsoft 365 or Google Apps might want to glance at the list of 365 reasons to go with Google that Shan Sinha, Google Apps Product Manager, has begin to assemble. A few of these are:

  • Office 365 is designed for individuals; Google Apps for teams
  • Office 365 works well with Windows-based PCs; Google Apps works well with any device on any OS
  • Office 365 comes in 11 different plans, three editions and two tiers; Google Apps costs $5.00/month with no commitment
  • Office 365 is about the desktop; Google Apps is about the web

There you have it ... the list as it stands at the moment; If you can think of others, Sinha invites you to contribute them.
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25 Jan 2011 Packt Publishes 'Open AM' [23871]
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Open AM

Indira Thangasamy, OpenSSO Quality engineering team manager, explains her new book, "Open AM" as " ... all you want to know about the OpenAM, the open source version of Sun’s OpenSSO product, now backed by," in a recent blog post. Oracle, she explains, continues to provide support for the OpenSSO 8.0 Enterprise deployments. Her book book is written and tested based on the OpenSSO Express build 9 source code branch, however, which is no longer accessible in its binary form, although Forgerock makes the equivalent build available to the external open source community based on the OpenSSO expressbuild. The blog post provides a link for a download of that code.
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24 Jan 2011 Enterprise Single Sign-On and HIPAA [23846]
Understand the Requirements

The Oracle white paper "Enterprise Single Sign-On and HIPAA" examines the potential of enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) for creating a best practice for ensuring compliance with the Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) immediately upon implementation. ESSO, the paper contends. can mitigate an organization’s privacy risk, save valuable time, reduce help desk costs, and improve security by authenticating medical professionals even in emergency situations. The best ESSO solution enables can be deployed quickly, will work virtually everywhere without requiring integration, and will support other authenticators. ESSO automates every password management task for the healthcare practitioner with a legitimate need to access PHI, the paper concludes.
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16 Dec 2010 New Oracle Names for Sun Software [23742]
With Links

Many of the software products produced by Sun Microsystems have been rebranded since the Oracle acquisition. This is a useful table mapping the old names to the new names along with links to the Oracle (or other) home pages for those products.
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12 Oct 2010 OpenDJ from ForgeRock [23563]
Based on Sun's OpenDS Project

Do you remember Sun OpenDS project? Good. Then perhaps you will be happy to learn that it has been resurrected as OpenDJ, a new member of the ForgeRock product family. Simon Phipps reports this information in his Wild Webmink blog "New ventures: OpenDJ, FossAlliance."
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