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31 Aug 2012 Revision to SPARC Architecture Released [27424]
Essential to Understanding the Operation of the SPARC Processor

Darryl Gove draws attention to the release of the updated "Oracle SPARC Architecture 2011," a document essential for those interested in the behavior of a SPARC processor. This publication supersedes the SPARC v9 book, which was published in the 90s. Describing its scope, the document collects in one volume the nonprivileged (Level 1) architecture from SPARC V9; most of the privileged (Level 2) architecture from SPARC V9; and provides more in-depth coverage of all SPARC V9 features. Moreover, the book includes all of the architectural extensions (beyond SPARC V9), developed through the processor generations of UltraSPARC III, IV, IV+ and T1.
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04 Nov 2009 Universities Rely on Sun Open Source Technologies [22554]
Solutions Offer Support for 21st Century Teaching, Learning, Research

Columbia University will use an open source Sun solution to run its digital preservation project, and the University of Zurich is deploying Project Wonderland projects to advance a global eLearning initiative. The Sun Open Computing portfolio includes Sun OpenStorage, OpenSolaris, Sun Open Archive solutions and the OpenSPARC T1 processor.
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13 Aug 2009 Dependable Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 and T5220 Servers Maximize IT Uptime [22088]
RAS Values Increase with These Solutions

The Sun white paper "Maximize IT Uptime by Utilizing Dependable Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 and T5220 Servers" explains why deploying those servers can help support organizational efforts to achieve high IT service uptime goals. The authors contend the features of these servers, identified as a low component count, extensive data integrity features and superior energy efficiency, promote reliability. In addition, redundant components foster high levels of availability, and Integrated Lights Out Management (ILOM) and self-healing features simplify serviceability.
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27 Jul 2009 Test Driving Six-Core AMD Opteron Processors on Sun Fire X4140 [22136]
With Web 2.0 Toolkit Olio and iGen with PostgreSQL 8.4

Sun recently integrated AMD's six-core Opteron processors in its x64 blades and rackmount servers. With six processing units on each chip, the new processors help deliver increased performance for environments such as virtualization, database and web serving. Sun Staff Engineer Jignesh K. Shah decided to test drive the Sun Fire X4140 set up with 2 x 6-core Opterons, 36GB RAM and Web 2.0 toolkit Olio. Shah also tested the final release of PostgreSQL 8.4 (64-bits) in the download of Solaris 10 binaries on the system. See what he found.
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20 Jun 2009 Customer Snapshot: Sun Helps Luxembourg Bank Cut IT Costs [21886]
Sun SPARC & Solaris 10 OS Supports Growth for New Bank Application

Sun technology meets a powerful banking customer challenge by providing LBBW Luxembourg Bank with a solution that helps it cut IT costs and supports its growth. Sun's professional services designed a high-performance infrastructure built with Sun SPARC Servers and Solaris 10 to create a flexible, scalable infrastructure for their new Avaloq application.
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