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18 May 2013 illumos and the 2013 Google Summer of Code [31012]
third year of participation

The illumos project has been accepted as a mentoring organization for the 2013 Google Summer of Code (this marks our third year of participation in GSoC). The illumos project is a community-driven open source operating system development project derived from the former OpenSolaris project. Google's Summer of Code program promotes student involvement in open source communities by sponsoring summer internships for students to work on projects like illumos. Members of the illumos community (including Nexenta and Joyent) support this program by offering experienced staff members willing to mentor student projects.

If you might like to apply for one of these internships, or just want to learn more about our involvement in this program, please see the illumos GSoC page. OpenIndiana is also participating, under the illumos umbrella.
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20 Sep 2012 ZFSBuild 2012 Due Soon [27721]
More Power than ZFSBuild 2010 at Same Price Point

ZFSBuild 2012 is being designed to deliver more CPU, much more RAM, more cache, better drives, and better chassis than its ZFSBuild 2010 at the same price point: $USD 6765. The original ZFSBuild was based on 12GB of memory. ZFSBuild 2012 starts with 64 GB using 8GB DIMMs. The motherboard has the capacity to go to 256GB with 32GB DIMM’s. The team plans to evaluate Nexenta Enterprise, OpenIndiana, and revisit FreeNAS’s ZFS implementation running the same battery of tests used in 2010 for the original ZFSBuild 2010 benchmarks.
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21 Jul 2012 Lots of packages for SmartOS, soon for OpenIndiana [26956]
Includes PostgresSQL (9.1.3), MySQL, Apache, Ruby 1.9.3, Python 3.2.3 ...

Henkis writes in his blog, "There is now a huge package repository available for illumos-based distributions, initially a dependency prevents it from running on OpenIndiana but that is being fixed."

The packages contains a current PostgresSQL (9.1.3), MySQL, Apache, Ruby 1.9.3, Python 3.2.3 both with lots of modules plus many other useful packages.

All should work on SmartOS and when fixed for OpenIndiana this slightly modified procedure (without sudo and install gtar first) should work, as root.
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