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16 Dec 2014 Google's Surprise: ODF Support Launches Ahead of Schedule [39970]
InfoWorld, December 16th, 2014

"Following the comments by Google's head of open source, Chris DiBona, last week in London, Google has today announced that support for ODF (OpenDocument Format) has now been added to its Google Drive suite of apps. In a post on Google+, the team announced immediate support of ODT (ODF text documents), ODS (spreadsheets) and ODP (presentations), which can now all be imported into Google Docs..."
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26 Aug 2010 "A Conceptual Guide To OpenOffice.Org 3" 2nd Edition [23401]
Self-paced Guide Covers Basics on the Four Core Applications

"A Conceptual Guide To 3" provides an easy-to-read, thorough, self-paced guide to using the open source office productivity suite. New topics in this second edition include installation instructions for the native Mac OS X port, installation and use of extensions, an overview of the OpenDocument format and more.
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15 Jun 2010 New Release of the ODFDOM - the OpenDocument API [23206]
Easy Lightwork Programming API Portable to Any Object-oriented Language

ODFDOM is a free OpenDocument Format (ODF) library. Its purpose is to provide an easy common way to create, access and manipulate ODF files, without requiring detailed knowledge of the ODF specification. It is designed to provide the ODF developer community with an easy lightwork programming API portable to any object-oriented language. A new version of ODFDOM was released this month. ODFDOM 0.8.5 of the Java implementation provides more than a dozen patches/bug fixes and two new features.
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27 Apr 2010 Sun Connector for SharePoint Server [23074]
Enables to Cooperate with Microsoft SharePoint Services

Microsoft's SharePoint Server provides a single workspace for teams to organize documents and participate in discussions. The Sun Connector for SharePoint Server enables to cooperate with Microsoft SharePoint Services and adds support for the OpenDocument Format (ODF). The newest release of this extension is version 1.1.
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15 Feb 2010 3.2 Available for Download [22833]
Numerous Enhancements Made for Speed and Stability 3.2 for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris is now available for download. This version is both a feature and bug release offering faster start up times, enhanced ODF 1.2 compliance, improved MS Office compatibility and support, and over 750 bug fixes. Numerous enhancements have been made in both stability and speed. For example, Writer and Calc have both reduced 'cold start' time by 46% since version 3.0 was released just over a year ago, the OpenOffice team reports.
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