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25 Jun 2015 If We've Won, Why Are We Still Explaining Open Source? [43745], June 25th, 2015

"At the most recent Apple World Wide Developers Conference, Apple announced they would "open source the next version of its programming language Swift." This minimally means they will publish the source code to Swift using an Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved open source license. That's all really..."
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22 Nov 2011 Open Source Is Not a One Man Band [24961]
And Innovation is the Payoff for Having Many Hands Writing Code

Open source is about very much more than avoiding licensing fees, Simon Phipps contends in his blog Open Source Nurtures Innovation. He argues cogently that absence of the need for an individual or a small group of developers to maintain code libraries (a must with proprietary software) frees writers of software to concentrate on new applications. In the world of open source, " ... instead of being solely responsible for the sustaining of every innovation they add, innovators can contribute their work to the shared code commons and have the sustaining shared by everyone," according to Phipps.
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19 Oct 2011 Phipps Explains the Cadre Behind LibreOffice to The Document Foundation Conference [24786]
Yes, Virginia, there Are Contributors with Commercial Interests in the World of Open Source

Simon Phipps, formerly of Sun Microsystems and Oracle, now founder of the startup ForgeRock and director of the Open Source Initiative, recently addressed The Document Foundation's first LibreOffice Conference, where explained that Open Source as a movement does not require a "white knight" to foster and sustain it. Instead, he maintained. Open Source calls for " ... developers willing to collaborate, and a community willing to contribute both time and money." Fortunately, LibreOffice was brought about by the efforts of both factions.
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29 Sep 2010 Supporters Launch Separate Project [23538]
LibreOffice Forms under The Document Foundation

An independent organization called "The Document Foundation" has been formed by volunteers from the community developing and promoting to drive further growth of the free, open source office suite. A press release issued by the newly formed group states that Oracle, who acquired assets as a result of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, has been invited to become a member of the new Foundation, and donate the brand In the meantime, the brand "LibreOffice" has been chosen for the software.
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19 Jan 2010 Why Open Source Solutions are Good for Government [22724]
Six Key Reasons and What to Look for in Evaluating Products

Governments globally are embracing open source policies. The White House moved its Web platform to open source this past fall with the goal of reducing costs and improving security. Bill Vass, president and chief operating officer of Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc., shares his views on why governments are embracing open source solutions, relaying six key reasons, and offers some guidelines on evaluating open source products.
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