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16 Jul 2017 Palm Beach Data Meetup [64936]
Thursday, July 20th, 2017: 6:00 PM to ...

Palm Beach Tech Space - West Palm Beach

Apache Ignite is much more than a caching platform. It is also a distributed compute engine and it features integration with many hot technologies (like Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, HDFS). It also provides cool things such as distributed fully standard SQL queries over its (distributed) cache, various modes of cache replication, read-through and write-through of its cache contents from/to any relational or NoSQL database backend, data streaming, ACID compliance and advanced clustering, to name a few. In this presentation we will go over the basics of Apache Ignite but will also touch upon some more advanced use cases. We will discuss where Ignite fits within a "big data" infrastructure and how it compares to other technologies that are out there. Finally, we will try and provide a small, but hopefully illustrative live demo.

Audrey Hammonds, Johann Beukes, Joseph Russo, Stephanie Buzano
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27 Jun 2017 Three Ways To Energize Your DBA Career In The Cloud [64639]
By Jeff Erickson, June 27th 2017

Jeff writes, "It's no secret that data is the new black gold - a source of wealth creation on par with financial capital, say some. So it's a little ironic that a group of people who understand better than anyone how to manage data are feeling increasingly left out of the party.

Database Administrators, or DBAs, are the experts responsible for the performance and security of a growing list of database types, from relational to in-memory to NoSQL..."
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21 Jun 2017 Best Of NoSQL: 7 Document Databases Compared [64436]
JavaWorld, June 21st 2017

"Which document-oriented database is right for your app? Follow this guide to the most developer-friendly NoSQL databases...

'The right tool for the right job.' If such wisdom holds true anywhere, it certainly holds true with the choice of database a developer picks for a given application. Document databases, one of the family of data products collectively referred to as 'NoSQL,' are for developers who want to focus on their application rather than the database technology..."
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21 Jun 2017 Hybrid Databases: Combining Relational And NoSQL [64437]
Business 2 Community, June 21st 2017

"Although NoSQL databases have been gaining popularity over the years, the idea behind them isn't really new. What's changed is the availability of new solutions and their improved reliability and performance, leading to expanded use from a niche audience to a broader one.

Nowadays, especially thanks to this broad range of tools for developing robust database systems, we shouldn't stubbornly stick to our preferred solution simply for subjective reasons, but instead make use of the best tools available for a specific task or project requirement. Sometimes, your best bet is a combination of relational and NoSQL databases because one often complements the other..."
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20 Jun 2017 Finding Data Relationships With Intelligent Graph Analytics [64408]
Information Management, June 20th 2017

"With the explosion of new data management technologies such as NoSQL databases and the higher demand for self-service analytics, there are multiple innovative paths opening up to solve data analytics challenges.

Source systems - especially legacy ones - serve highly optimized business processes and are closest to business users and customers. They produce a mix of master and transaction data. Mastering the data from multiple systems has been in practice for many years with varying degrees of success..."
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