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29 Jun 2010 Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems Launched [23263]
Offers Simplified Management, Record Performance and Operational Efficiencies

An InformationWeek 2010 survey reported 54 percent of respondents prefer a single server vendor, to take advantage of purchasing power, knowledge, and support. Oracle is delivering just that with the launch of a complete refresh of its Sun Fire x86 cluster systems which provide high performing application-to-disk solutions capable of being managed and supported as a single system from a single vendor.
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13 Nov 2009 Results from Sun Directory Server 5.2 Patch 6 Benchmark [22446]
Sun Netra x4250 Running Solaris 10 OS Offer Proves Effective CRM Tool

Terry Gardner reports that a Sun Netra x4250, dual-CPU, 8-core (2.13 Ghz), 64 GB RAM running Solaris 10 update 7 using internal disk drives and a Gigabit Ethernet accommodated 13,800,000 entries loaded into the Directory Server database in 2 hours; sustained 17,000 searches per second over 8 hours with an average latency of less than 2 milliseconds with no update (replication) traffic; and sustained 11,000 searches per second sustained over 8 hours with average latency of than 2 milliseconds in the presence of update (replication) traffic.
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10 Jul 2009 Same Server, Three Different SPECpower_ssj2008 Results [21966]
Blog Explains Sun Netra X4250 Server Benchmark Performance

The recent SPECpower_ssj2008 benchmark figures that reported outcomes of three identical Sun Netra X4250 Servers running the same software stacks but with different results are interpreted in a blog by Christopher Boire of Sun's Strategic Applications Engineering group.
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19 Jun 2009 SPECpower Issues in the SPECpower_ssj2008 of Sun Netra X4250 and the Competition [21863]
The Effect of Utilization Rate on Power Consumption

In "SPECpower_ssj2008 Sun Netra X4250 - SPECpower issues highlighted," BM Seer writes that the Sun Netra X4250 8GB server (two 2.13 GHz Intel L5408 QC) obtained a peak overall ssj_ops/watt metric of 600 (with special BIOS tuning). A more typical 32GB configuration of the same system achieved results of 478 (with special BIOS tuning) and a lower 437 (with standard BIOS settings).
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23 Feb 2009 Sun Becomes a Member of Intel Embedded and Communication Alliance [21397]
Helping Align Sun and Intel's Technical Development

Sun is now a member of Intel's Embedded and Communications Alliance (ECA), which is one of the world's most recognized embedded and communications ecosystems providing customers with a trusted supply line of Intel-based products and services. Its membership will help align the two company's technical development and continues the collaborative efforts between Intel and Sun. For customers, this alliance means that next generation systems can be expected to include more balance in performance, energy efficiency, and greater memory and I/O performance.
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