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11 May 2017 Making Mobile Video VR A Reality [63279]
ITProPortal, May 11th 2017

"Soon, immersive VR will go mainstream not on laptops, smart TVs or games consoles but on mobiles...

Soon every smartphone will be VR-enabled. This will open up the virtual floodgates, making video-based VR experiences more affordable and accessible. Immersive VR will go mainstream not on laptops, smart TVs or games consoles but on mobiles.

Affordable headsets such as Samsung Gear VR and the recently released Google Daydream View are already gaining traction with early adopters for VR gaming and content streaming via apps such as Netflix VR and HBO Now VR..."
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11 May 2017 Passwords: The Keys To Your Online Life [63289]
Business 2 Community, May 11th 2017

"When's the last time you thought about your passwords? With over 90 billion passwords in existence today, the overall shift to online platforms and the boom in social media usage have made passwords an integral part of our daily online lives.

Whether it's connecting to a game with a Facebook profile, sharing Netflix credentials with a roommate, or asking a spouse to check a bank account statement, sharing our passwords has become a trend that we don't often realize is putting our information at risk..."
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04 May 2017 Securing the Future with Artificial Intelligence [63078]
Citrix, May 4th 2017

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are already transforming modern life, from voice-activated personal assistants, to self-parking cars, to self-configuring conference rooms, to systems that help doctors diagnose disease. As more things become interconnected and AI-enabled, our world becomes smarter, more convenient and more productive.

Last October, the Mirai botnet took advantage of hacked IoT devices to take high profile websites, such as Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, Airbnb - and, it was rumored (incorrectly), the entire nation of Liberia.
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23 Apr 2017 What Is 4K Blu-Ray? [62512]
CNET, April 13th 2017

Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray discs deliver the best home video picture quality you can buy. Here's what you need to know

"Ultra HD 4K Blu-rays have the best picture quality possible for your 4K TV, even better than streaming 4K from Netflix or Amazon," writes Geoffrey Morrison in CNET.

"Even better, many discs have high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut (WCG) content, which provide a much more noticeable improvement than 4K resolution, provided your TV can deliver it.

'But I hate physical discs,' you say. I hear you. But for people who want peak image quality, a disc is still the way to go. And for new and current movies, it's often cheaper than you'll pay for streaming.

The industry has learned from its past mistakes, at least a little. 4K players will all play standard Blu-ray discs and DVDs as well, for example. There's also only one format! No UHDDVD or other such nonsense. All the manufacturers are on board for a single unified format, so the great Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD format war is ancient history..."
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16 Apr 2017 Human Error In IT: A Growing But Preventable Issue [62294]
Information Age, April 3rd 2017

While many assume most IT issues that impact mission-critical services are the result of a catastrophic technology failure, they are often due to a human error that could have been prevented

"In late January, an outage at Delta caused hundreds of flight cancellations and delays," writes Nick Ismail in Information Age. "More recently, Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) suffered an outage that disrupted services for tens of thousands of customers including popular sites like Netflix, Spotify, Pinterest and Expedia.

When a network goes down, theories run rampant. Was it a software bug? cyber attack? systems failure?..."
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