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18 Mar 2010 Sun Storage 7000 2010.Q1 Quality and Features [22940]
Technical Lead Bryan Cantrill Parts the Curtain a Bit on this Release

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Fishworks Engineer Bryan Cantrill reflects on the release of the new major Sun Storage 7000 series software update, known as 2010.Q1. Producing this release was no mean feat, Cantrill writes, given that it involved building enterprise-grade storage on commodity components, incorporating entirely new elements like Flash, and creating an ambitious management stack entirely from scratch.
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12 Mar 2010 Facilitating Hierarchical Storage Management System Migrations [22869]
SAM/QFS Saves Time and Money with Its Built-in API

As certain Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) systems do not scale as well as others, users frequently need to migrate to more capacious solutions in order to meet their storage needs. In his blog post, Israel Pacheco "The Challenge -- Migrate HSM Systems" offers some suggestions for migrating large volumes of data from old to new HSM systems in a timely fashion.
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09 Mar 2010 Sun Unified Storage System 2010.02 [22918]
Major Software Update for Sun Storage 7000 Series Appliances

Is the 2010.02 release of the Sun Unified Storage System imminent, asks Joerg Moellenkamp after stumbling upon the page that offers release notes for the 2010.Q1.0.0 expected major software update for the Sun Storage 7000 series appliances. Although it was not yet downloadable for the public at the time of this writing, the software update promises to support the Sun Storage 7110, 7210, 7310, 7410, and 7000 Simulator.
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04 Mar 2010 HPC News Bites [22887]
Short Items of Interest for the HPC Community

  • HPC in 2010
  • Lustre File System Update
  • Oracle to Participate in ISC and HPC Consortium
  • NFS Tuning for HPC Streaming Applications
  • HPC Application Performance with Flash Storage
  • How Flash Storage Fits into HPC
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01 Mar 2010 Installing Sun Cluster Running Oracle RAC/CRS and Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems [22856]
Affords High Availability for the Database, OS, Storage System

Learn the installation steps for a 3-node Sun Cluster 3.2 01/09 (or later) configuration running with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) / Cluster Ready Services (CRS) and a Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage System for high availability in the database, the OS, and the storage system.
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