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12 Apr 2011 SunZFS Storage Appliance Delivers Rapid Backup and Recovery Rates for Oracle Exadata [24079]
Backs Up an Exadata Full HP Rack in Less than 7 Hours

Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, featuring high bandwidth interconnects and superior processing power, is nearly 2X faster at Exadata backup and recovery compared to conventional NAS storage systems, according to the Oracle data sheet Backup and Recovery for Exadata with Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. Testing has demonstrated that an Oracle Exadata Database Machine Half Rack configuration with a small Sun ZFS 7420 Appliance cluster with 4 disk shelves achieved NFS-based backup performance over IB at a data rate of 5.8 TB/hr, and a restore rate of 4.7 TB/hr the datasheet reports. This backup rate is fast enough to completely backup an Exadata half HP rack in less than 4 hours, or an Exadata full HP rack in less than 7 hours. By adding disk drives and CPUs, the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance can currently support capacities up to 1.15 PB while maintaining balanced system performance.
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02 Mar 2011 Quick & Dirty NFS: A How-to [23969]
NFS (as Configured via ZFS)

In a recent blog on The Observatory Brian Leonard discusses Quick & Dirty NFS (Network File System,)where he presents using NFS for the purpose of creating and managing shares. His focus is on dispelling the confusion that is a result of the maturity of NFS, namely, sorting out the several different utilities available for this process. Leonard stresses that his approach lies in exploring how NFS is configured via ZFS. He includes a summary of the steps he uses in file sharing, providing the necessary code samples.
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03 Jan 2011 The Underground Oracle VM Manual by Roddy Rodstein [23756]
At Last, Between Two Covers, All 354 Pages

Without a doubt, "monumental" is a term that applies to "The Underground Oracle VM Manual" by Roddy Rodstein, all eight chapters of which appear at last in a 354-page pdf. Rodstein, a member of Oracle's virtualization and Linux team, is an Oracle VM insider.
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29 Nov 2010 Running Storage Simulators in VirtualBox [23650]
NetApp OnTap and Sun Storage 7000 Sim

The Fat Bloke sings, this week about "Running Storage Simulators in VirtualBox," providing readers with links to two reports:

  • NetApp 7.3.3 Simulator on Oracle VirtualBox.doc, described as a document that outlines the process for installing Oracle VirtualBox 3.1.10, creating an Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 VM and installing the 7.3.3 OnTap Simulator in the VM

  • Oracle's Sun Unified Storage Simulator which the Fat Bloke says deals with how to use the Sun Storage 7000 Simulator, now available as an ovf appliance that simply imports and runs.

Use the simulators to get a feel for the storage features of these platforms.
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23 Sep 2010 Next-Generation Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Product Line [23516]
Enhancements Lead to Performance, Scalability, Cost Improvements

Newly released by Oracle, the ZFS Storage Appliance product line features best-in-class management software and an innovative hybrid storage pool architecture that has been integrated with Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, to provide optimal business system performance. Oracle's product announcement claims that the products deliver the leading throughput, flexibility and ease of use demanded by organizations using storage for cloud computing, virtualization, storage consolidation and data protection.
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