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03 Jan 2011 The Underground Oracle VM Manual by Roddy Rodstein [23756]
At Last, Between Two Covers, All 354 Pages

Without a doubt, "monumental" is a term that applies to "The Underground Oracle VM Manual" by Roddy Rodstein, all eight chapters of which appear at last in a 354-page pdf. Rodstein, a member of Oracle's virtualization and Linux team, is an Oracle VM insider.
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29 Nov 2010 Running Storage Simulators in VirtualBox [23650]
NetApp OnTap and Sun Storage 7000 Sim

The Fat Bloke sings, this week about "Running Storage Simulators in VirtualBox," providing readers with links to two reports:

  • NetApp 7.3.3 Simulator on Oracle VirtualBox.doc, described as a document that outlines the process for installing Oracle VirtualBox 3.1.10, creating an Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 VM and installing the 7.3.3 OnTap Simulator in the VM

  • Oracle's Sun Unified Storage Simulator which the Fat Bloke says deals with how to use the Sun Storage 7000 Simulator, now available as an ovf appliance that simply imports and runs.

Use the simulators to get a feel for the storage features of these platforms.
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23 Sep 2010 Next-Generation Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Product Line [23516]
Enhancements Lead to Performance, Scalability, Cost Improvements

Newly released by Oracle, the ZFS Storage Appliance product line features best-in-class management software and an innovative hybrid storage pool architecture that has been integrated with Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, to provide optimal business system performance. Oracle's product announcement claims that the products deliver the leading throughput, flexibility and ease of use demanded by organizations using storage for cloud computing, virtualization, storage consolidation and data protection.
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16 Sep 2010 'Using Oracle Solaris 10 to Overcome Security Challenges' [23426]
Implementing Oracle's UNIX OS for Greater Enterprise-wide Security

Security is foremost in the minds of IT managers, with most assuming the IT infrastructure is a target for attacks and other security threats, states this Oracle white paper that reports on the security enhancements in Oracle Solaris 10. A discussion of key security approaches and how administrators can utilize Oracle Solaris 10 to implement greater enterprise-wide safety measures is the focus of this 17-page document.
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19 Aug 2010 Free Administration Guide on GNU/Linux [23402]
Described as a Must-read for Serious Linux System Admins

"The GNU/Linux Advance Administration" is a 500+ page free eBook that covers Linux network, server and data administration, Linux kernel, security, clustering, configuration, tuning, optimization, migration, and coexistence with non-Linux systems. Produced by the Free Technology Academy (FTA), the complimentary book explains how to install and configure several computer services, as well as how to optimize and synchronize the resources using GNU/Linux.
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