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30 Nov 2013 ContactLab Extends Commitment to MySQL [33799]
Digital Direct Marketing Solutions Provider Standardizes on MySQL Enterprise Edition

"In Building business-critical applications exhibiting high levels of availability, reliability and security requires a solid, high-performance database. Since 2009, digital direct marketing provider ContactLab has relied on MySQL Enterprise Edition to strengthen the data management of email and SMS campaigns. To help ensure the company continues to benefit from the high performance, secure and reliable database infrastructure it needs for on-going innovation, ContactLab has standardized on MySQL Enterprise Edition."

"MySQL has a long history of supporting ever-increasing volumes of data. Using MySQL Enterprise Edition to power our platform ensures high reliability and also offers us operational tools that highlight potential problems and allow us to take immediate action," said David D'Amico, Director of Operations, ContactLab. "With MySQL Enterprise Edition we were able to evolve our platform to support the increase in the volume of data managed, ensuring quality customer service. Our continued commitment to this technology will allow us to keep achieving our business objectives, and will enable us to further extend the functionality of the platform and our services."
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25 Nov 2013 Effect of IT megatrends on your career [33878]
IT World, November 25th, 2013

"To those who have emailed me asking what specific technologies they should learn or what IT trends you should follow, here is my reply...

I often receive emails asking me questions such as:

  • Should I learn Java or .NET?
  • What cloud technologies should I learn?
  • Should I become a Business Analyst or a Project Manager?
  • Will learning PHP and MySQL help my career?
  • Is web design a good thing for me to learn?
  • What types of jobs could I get with a Masters in Computer Science?

These are all very important questions to ask and are very difficult to give quality generalized answers because everyone's skills, strengths, weaknesses, career aspirations, are different..."
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23 Nov 2013 MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification and Training [33724]
MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification Exam Details Available

Diana Gray, Principal Curriculum Project Manager, Oracle Universitym writes, "For those of you who work with MySQL, we've got some great news for you!

A wide range of Oracle MySQL teams, including training, engineering, sales consulting and members of MySQL Support, collected content for the new MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification exam. These team members assist developers and DBAs with MySQL questions on a daily basis. They understand what developers need to know to successfully develop applications against MySQL Server 5.6.

The MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification Exam details are listed here.

Naturally, this certification process covers the same ground as Oracle's MySQL Training for Developers course, making it ideal for reviewing topics to help you pass the exam. More importantly, you will learn how to develop successful applications that use MySQL Server 5.6 as a data store..."
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18 Nov 2013 Nov/Dec 2013 digital edition of Java Magazine is now available [33712]
Smartest House on the Street

The Nov/Dec issue of "Java Magazine is now available.





From the Editor

  • Java Nation
  • JCP Executive Series: Q&A with Patrick Curran


  • Java Architect: Agile Adjustment
  • Java Architect: Diabolical Java Performance Tuning
  • Java Architect: Java Concurrent Animated
  • Enterprise Java: Database DevOps with MySQL, Hudson, Gradle, Maven, and Git
  • Enterprise Java: Adding a Member to Your Development Team
  • Enterprise Java: Concurrency Utilities for Java EE
  • Mobile and Embedded: Internet of Things 101
  • Fix This
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10 Nov 2013 MySQL Still the Right Choice for ScienceLogic's "Best Network Monitoring System on the Planet" [33462]
After 10 Years

Rebecca Hansen writes, "ScienceLogic has a pretty fantastic network monitoring appliance. So good in fact that InfoWorld gave it their '2013 Best Network Monitoring System on the Planet' award. Inside their 'ultraflexible, ultrascalable, carrier-grade' enterprise appliance, ScienceLogic relies on MySQL and has since their start in 2003. Check out some of the things they've been able to do with MySQL and their reasons for continuing to use MySQL in these highlights from our new MySQL ScienceLogic case study..."
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