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17 Mar 2017 MySQL 5.7: Improved JOIN Order by Taking Condition Filter Effect into Account [61619]
By Oystein

Oystein blogs, "One of the major challenges of query optimizers is to correctly estimate how many rows qualify from each table of a join. If the estimates are wrong, the optimizer may choose a non-optimal join order.

Before MySQL 5.7, the estimated number of rows from a table only took into account the conditions from the WHERE clause that were used to set up the access method (e.g., the size of an index range scan). This often led to row estimates that were far too high, resulting in very wrong cost estimates for join plans. To improve this issue, MySQL 5.7 introduced a cost model that considered the entire WHERE condition when estimating the number of qualifying rows from each table. This model estimates the filtering effect of the table's conditions..."
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16 Mar 2017 MySQL Community Awards 2017: Call for Nominations! [61624]
By Shlomi Noach

Shlomi blogs, "The 2017 MySQL Community Awards event will take place, as usual, in Santa Clara, during the Percona Live Data Performance Conference, April 2017.

The MySQL Community Awards is a community based initiative. The idea is to publicly recognize contributors to the MySQL ecosystem. The entire process of discussing, voting and awarding is controlled by an independent group of community members, typically based of past winners or their representatives, as well as known contributors.

It is a self-appointed, self-declared, self-making-up-the-rules-as-it-goes committee. It is also very aware of the importance of the community; a no-nonsense, non-political, adhering to tradition, self criticizing committee..."
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16 Mar 2017 Monitoring Databases: A Product Comparison [61623]
By Manjot Singh

Manjot blogs in Percona, "In this blog post, I will discuss the solutions for monitoring databases (which includes alerting) I have worked with and recommended in the past to my clients. This survey will mostly focus on MySQL solutions.

One of the most common issues I come across when working with clients is monitoring and alerting. Many times, companies will fall into one of these categories:..."
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10 Mar 2017 Group Replication minimal SQL based configuration [61381]
By Andrew Grimo

Andrew Grimo blogs, "So you're interested in the 'new' MySQL Group Replication feature but are concerned that configuring it is going to be difficult. Let me soothe those concerns with this blog post. Yes, the MySQL team has recently been discussing other methods to configure Group Replication using the RC release of MySQL Shell and how it can be used for tools such as Puppet for enhanced provisioning of a Group as Lefred has demonstrated in his MySQL Puppet post.

To start, I'll post a sample my.cnf file below and highlight the related configurations that Group Replication requires. Yes, there are a number of them. I'll try and lay that out below so it is easy to follow. But first..."
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10 Mar 2017 MySQL Connector/Java 6.0.6-m5 [61382]
By MySQL Release Engineering

"Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/J 6.0.6 m5 Development Release is a developer milestone release for the 6.0.x series.

This release includes the following new features and changes, also described in more detail here

As always, we recommend that you check the "CHANGES" file in the download archive to be aware of changes in behavior that might affect your application.

To download MySQL Connector/J 6.0.6 m5, see the "Development Releases" tab here

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