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04 Mar 2017 MySQL Enterprise Backup: improved logging messages [61184]
By Rahul Sisondia

Rahul blogs, "Logging is very important diagnostic tool for understanding the behavior of the application as well as troubleshooting any issue with the application. Since MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) is a command line application, there is little interaction with the myriad of operations going on behind the scenes. Thus, logging messages is very important in order to know the progress of current operation as well as learning more about errors should they occur. The messages logged by MEB are written to the console and the log file as depicted in the following diagram, which looks similar to the Tee command in UNIX..."
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06 Jan 2017 Easy-To-Use Perl Scripts To Backup Your MySQLl Database With Mysqldump And Ftp The Files To A Remote Server [59468]
By Tony Darnell, January 6th, 2017

Tony writes, "Most users of MySQL utilize the mysqldump utility to backup their database. While mysqldump is handy and easy-to-use (and free), if you have data which is important to your business, then you should take a look at the MySQL Enterprise Edition - and use MySQL Enterprise Backup instead. The MySQL Enterprise Backup allows you to backup your database without the table locking you get with mysqldump. And, it is extremely fast - especially when you have to restore your database. Here is a sample speed comparison between MySQL Enterprise Backup and using mysqldump:..."
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20 Sep 2016 MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.3 [56482]
By Matt Lord

Matt blogs, "We're very happy to announce the general availability of the next release of MySQL Enterprise Monitor, version 3.3 (see the full changelog here). This is the best in class tool for monitoring and management of your MySQL assets, included with your MySQL Enterprise Edition subscription..."
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19 Sep 2016 The #1 Open Source Database Now Available in Oracle Cloud [56480]
By Bertrand Matthelie

Bertrand blogs, "We're very excited to announce the General Availability of Oracle MySQL Cloud Service!

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service allows you to accelerate innovation and to rapidly, securely and cost-effectively develop & deploy modern applications powered by the world's most popular open source database.

Built on the proven MySQL Enterprise Edition and powered by the Oracle Cloud, it provides a simple, automated, integrated and enterprise-ready cloud service that enables organizations to deliver MySQL-based applications globally at scale..."
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17 Jun 2016 Understanding the MySQL Release Cadence [53530]
By Ronald Bradford

Ronald writes, "At the recent New York Oracle Users Group summer general meeting I gave a presentation to the Oracle community on the MySQL product release cycle. Details included:

  • Identifying the server product options covering community, enterprise and ecosystem.
  • Describe MySQL enterprise products, features and support options.
  • Describing the DMR, RC, GA, EOL and labs product lifecycle.
  • Discussing the GA release frequency.
  • Talking about the MySQL Upgrade path..."

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