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25 Nov 2016 MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.1 released [58449]
MySQL High Availability, November 25th, 2016

The MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) database powers mission-critical applications in web, telecommunications, government, and enterprise environments. MySQL Cluster Manager simplifies the creation and management of the MySQL Cluster CGE database by automating common management tasks including on-line scaling, upgrades, backups, reconfiguration, and tuning.

MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.1 is available for download from My Oracle Support.
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15 Feb 2012 MySQL Cluster 7.2: High Write Scalability, Very Low Latency [25441]
Ideal for for Highly Demanding Web-based and Communications Products and Services.

Oracle's MySQL Cluster 7.2 is designed to deliver cost-effective 99.999% availability, high write scalability and very low latency for highly demanding Web-based and communications products and services. Featuring both SQL and NoSQL access through a new Memcached API, MySQL Cluster represents a “best of both worlds” solution allowing key value operations and complex SQL queries within the same database. Oracle points out as well that, with MySQL Cluster 7.2, users can gain up to a 70x increase in performance on complex queries, and enhanced multi-data center scalability. Also released to general availability is the MySQL Cluster Manager, version 1.1.4.
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25 Jul 2011 MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1.1 Available for Free Download, 30-Day Trial [24383]
Cluster Management Made Simpler and Safer

"While managing clusters will never be easy, it keeps getting a whole lot simpler," or so writes Mat Keep in his blog post "Simpler and Safer Clustering: MySQL Cluster Manager Update." He writes further that, with MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1.1 now released to General Availability it is much simpler to get up and running and to manager a cluster or even multiple clusters from a single process. MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1.1 is available free for a 30-day trial at Oracle eDelivery, Keep notes, pointing out as well the numerous upgrade operations that can easily be performed online. He draws attention to the whitepaper on MySQL Cluster Manager and to the online demo as well.
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22 Apr 2010 MySQL Cluster 7.0 & 7.1: Architecture and New Features [23055]
Technical White Paper Explores Some of the Latest Additions to the Clustered Database

A MySQL technical white paper by Oracle introduces the MySQL Cluster 7.0 and 7.1, focusing on its features and architecture. Described as a highly scalable, high-performance, clustered database originally designed for the telecommunications industry which often demands database availability at 99.999% or better, MySQL Cluster's latest versions add new scalability/performance, platform, connectors, and monitoring and management features.
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14 Apr 2010 MySQL Cluster 7.1 [23054]
Introduces MySQL Cluster Manager; a New Connector for Java; Real-time Status and Usage Statistics

The recent release of MySQL Cluster 7.1 brings with it a new solution that simplifies and automates the management of the MySQL Cluster database and enables administrators to respond quickly to changing market conditions and stringent service level agreements, Oracle contends. Introduced as MySQL Cluster Manager, this new feature is designed to allow users to easily manage a cluster of many nodes. Its automated management reduces the risk of database downtime resulting from manual configuration errors.
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