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10 Dec 2012 5 Ways To Boost Your Social Lead Generation [39836]
Business 2 Community, December 10th, 2014

"Many of us tap into the millions of reviews and comments on social media to find influencers, resolve customer complaints, buzz monitoring and the like. But one use that is often overlooked is the hunt for prospects.

Using social lead generation or listening tools, you can find the exact kind of people that might be interested in purchasing your products. And not just masses of unqualified leads, but real leads with real needs..."
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01 Dec 2014 Monitoring the Hybrid Cloud: Technical Considerations [39725]
Securosis, December 1st, 2014

"New platforms for hybrid cloud monitoring bring both new capabilities and new challenges. We have already discussed some differences between monitoring the different cloud models, and some of the different deployment options available. This post will dive into some technical considerations for these new hybrid platforms, highlighting potential benefits and issues for data security, privacy, scalability, security analytics, and data governance.

As cool as a 'CloudSOC' sounds, there are technical nuances which need to be factored into your decision and selection processes. There are also data privacy issues because some types of information fall under compliance and jurisdictional regimes. Cloud computing and service providers can provide an opportunity to control infrastructure costs more effectively, but service models costs are calculated differently that on-premise systems, so you need to understand the computing and storage characteristics of the SOC platform in detail to understand where you are spending money.

Let's jump into some key areas where you need to focus..."
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01 Dec 2014 What Does Big Data Mean for Marketers? [39705]
Business 2 Community, December 1st, 2014

"Big Data is the next big thing. You probably hear that a lot lately. What Does Big Data Mean for Marketers? For marketers, Big Data means big strides, big success, and big money. But like all significant technological breakthroughs, Big Data must be introduced in bite-sized morsels.

The name itself is scary - Big Data - and conjures up images of trillion-dollar Big Tobacco and Big Government. It seems like some mythical corporate beast with room-sized 1960s IBM computer banks and a basement full of punch cards.

It might be easier to live with if we called it Big Daddy because it facilitates data collection, storage, and analysis, allowing enough information to merge from separate spheres to provide real-time traffic maps, patient monitoring in intensive care units, and highly-targeted marketing strategies based on a customer's ever-changing needs..."
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17 Nov 2014 MySQL November Newsletter [39392]
Webcast: MySQL Performance Demystified,...

The MySQL November Newsletter is available! Find out upcoming webcasts and events all around the globe, and read technical tips written by MySQL experts at Oracle and in the community. Below are the highlights in this edition:

  • Webcast: MySQL Performance Demystified: Tuning and Best Practices for Developers and DBAs on November 19
  • Webcast: MySQL Replication - What's New in MySQL 5.7 and Beyond on November 25
  • Meet MySQL Experts in Upcoming Events
  • Blog: Monitoring MySQL from Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • New Case Study: SCSK Gains a High-Performance and Scalable Enterprise Database Platform with MySQL Enterprise Edition

You can read it online.
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10 Nov 2014 12 Surprising Ways Personal Technology Betrays your Privacy [39353]
CSO Online, November 6th, 2014

"It's not just your boss or the government that's spying on you, it's also the devices and technologies you embrace...

Our great privacy fears tend to be centered around others invading out privacy, whether it's Google reading your email, your boss monitoring your computer use, or the NSA eavesdropping on phone calls.

The problem is, we don't think about the very technologies we voluntarily embrace and what kind of snooping they do, and they do a lot of tracking. Some of it can and is used for benign or helpful reasons, but that can be turned against you very fast.

Here are 12 ways your personal technology is betraying your privacy..."
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