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01 Apr 2015 How Big Data keeps United Healthcare Nimble [41701]
Information Management, April 1, 2015

"United Healthcare is big into big data. The nation's largest health insurer is using big data and advanced analytics for financial analysis, fraud and waste monitoring, cost management, pharmacy benefit management, clinical improvements and more.

'The data is so interrelated across business groups, I would be hard-pressed to find an area that is not directly or indirectly touched by these initiatives,' says Ravi Shanbhag, director of data science, solutions and strategy at United Healthcare..."
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31 Mar 2015 Monitoring More than Just Wearables [41741]
Network World, March 31, 2015

"From turkey hatcheries to prawn farms, users are finding unique ways to use technology to monitor their situations.

When most people talk about the Internet of Things, they're talking about Nest, wearables, and other devices. But there are all sorts of 'things' that can be monitored and tracked with network monitoring software. Paessler created the list..."
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19 Mar 2015 Python Network Programming Cookbook [41499]
O'Reilly, March 19, 2015

"Python is an excellent language to use to write code and have fun by prototyping applications quickly. The presence of lots of third-party libraries, also known as batteries, makes it even more easier and faster to prototype an application or to implement a new algorithm. If you are interested in creating the building blocks for many practical web and networking applications that rely on networking protocols then this book is a must-have.

This book highlights major aspects of network programming in Python starting from writing simple networking clients, to developing complex screen-scraping and network security monitoring scripts. It creates the building blocks for many practical web and networking applications that rely on various networking protocols. This book presents the power and beauty of Python in solving the numerous real-world tasks in the area of network programming, system and network administration, network monitoring, and web-application development..."
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12 Mar 2015 FDA Leverages Big Data to Monitor Drug Safety [41453]
Information Management, March 12, 2015

"The Food and Drug Administration's Sentinel initiative for monitoring the safety of FDA-regulated drugs and other medical products is one of the largest uses of big data in healthcare, according to the regulatory agency's outgoing commissioner Margaret Hamburg, M.D.

The active surveillance system, which recently transitioned from a five-year pilot program to a full-scale system, has established secure access to the healthcare data of more than 170 million patients across the country, including claims data and electronic health records. FDA is currently querying large, diverse health care data for product safety through Sentinel and exploring opportunities to expand the use of real-world observational data to optimize the performance of medical products..."
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08 Mar 2015 How Better Log Monitoring can Prevent Data Breaches [41219]
CIO, February 24, 2015

Ed Tittel and Earl Follis write in CIO, "Recent high-profile data breaches reaffirm that the threat from data thieves is both persistent and pervasive. Could better log monitoring mitigate or even prevent these types of security catastrophes?

Evidence suggests that high-profile data losses at major retailers such as Home Depot, Sony, Target and Michaels Stores are a major ongoing trend, not a one-and-done anomaly of the IT infrastructure on which most companies rely..."
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