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15 May 2016 ISACA South Florida Learning and Network Series [52587]
Wednesday, May 18th, 2016: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Renaissance Hotel - Plantation

Topic: Insider Threat: Dan Velez is responsible for the delivery and support of insider threat monitoring and investigation solutions and services to Forcepoint's customers. Prior to joining Raytheon Cyber products, which is now Forcepoint, Daniel served as a Sr. Cyber Counterintelligence Investigator specializing in insider threat detection and investigations. Daniel is also retired from the U.S Navy Submarine Force where he served in duties from nuclear reactor operations to strike group operations and antisubmarine warfare

ISACA South Florida
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10 May 2016 5 Security Experts Share Their Best Tips For 'Fringe' Devices [52524]
CIO, May 10th, 2016

"What is a 'fringe' device in IT?

For some, it's a gadget everyone has forgotten about - a printer in a corner office, an Android tablet in a public area used to schedule conference rooms. A fringe device can also be one that's common enough to be used in the office yet not so common that everyone is carrying one around or has one hooked up to the Wi-Fi every day.

As with any security concern, many of these devices are overlooked. There might be security policies and software used to track and monitor iPads and Dell laptops, but what about the old HP printer used at the receptionist's desk? In a hospital, it might be a patient monitoring device. In a more technical shop, it could be a new smartphone running an alternate operating system..."
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05 May 2016 The Four Best Network Monitoring Tools In The Business [52275]
ITProPortal, May 5th, 2016

"As one of the most critical IT functions, network monitoring is essential when it comes to combating slow and failing network systems. By optimising system performances and managing usage and performance, you can save money, improve employee productivity, and stabilise your network's overall infrastructure.

With an effective monitoring system, you'll be equipped with the right set of tools to help you best manage your network. Whether you're interested in open-source options or a commercial monitoring system, there are several viable options to choose from. Below are four of the most reputable monitoring systems in the IT industry..."
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02 May 2016 New Software Expands EMC Copy Data Management Portfolio, Modernizing Primary and Protection Storage Efficiency [52327]
Helps Customers Tackle Data Sprawl and Reduce Storage Costs

EMC Corporation announced EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM), new software that enables organizations to regain control of the spiraling costs of storing and managing multiple copies of the same data. Despite the exponential reduction in the per-gigabyte cost of storage, total storage costs can rise as lightweight, zero-cost snaps drive behaviors that encourage businesses to create and keep multiple copies of the same data. Just as the 'cc' function in email can make it too easy to create data sprawl in the email inbox, unmonitored snaps can cause the same problem in the data center. IDC estimates that, by 2018, global businesses will waste $51B storing data on the wrong tier of storage, or storing data they no longer need. eCDM provides companies with a pan-enterprise solution to streamline their processes for monitoring, managing and analyzing copy data.
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02 May 2016 MyService360 Modernizes the EMC Customer Service Experience [52328]
Built on EMC's Own Cloud-Based Data Lake, This New Service-Centric Online Dashboard Gives IT Teams Visibility into the Health and Wellness of Their EMC Environment

EMC Corporation announced the EMC MyService360 service-centric cloud-based dashboard, providing near real-time visibility into the status and health of a customer's EMC data center environment. Supporting hundreds of EMC products, MyService360 provides customers with a highly visual and personalized online capability that consolidates proactive monitoring of EMC systems deployed across a customer's global enterprise. Available at no additional cost to customers with an EMC warranty or maintenance agreement, the cloud-based service is designed to help IT teams increase risk-readiness and respond with speed and accuracy when fulfilling IT service requests or diagnosing potential issues.
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