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20 May 2015 Performance Monitoring, another view [42783], May 20, 2015

"This is my first post to, for those who haven't read my other writings, I currently work as the VP of Market Development and Insights at AppDynamics. I joined in February 2015 after being at Gartner for 4 years as a Research VP covering all things monitoring. During my time as a Gartner analyst I would help buyers make decisions about purchasing monitoring software. When I read articles on the internet which blatantly disregard best practices I either smell that something is fishy (sponsorship) or they just didn't follow a process. Conversely some people do follow a proper process. I specifically wrote this up due to reading a really fishy article..."
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18 May 2015 Providing High Availability to the OpenStack Cloud Controller on Oracle Solaris with Oracle Solaris Cluster [42789]
White Paper (61 Pages)

Thorsten Früauf of Oracle Solaris Cluster Engineering, writes "Oracle Solaris delivers a complete OpenStack distribution which is integrated with its core technologies such as Oracle Solaris Zones, the ZFS file system, and its image packaging system (IPS). OpenStack in Oracle Solaris 11.2 helps IT organizations to create an enterprise-ready Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud, so that users can quickly deploy virtual networking and compute resources by using a centralized web-based portal...

Our team has created a new white paper to specifically explain how to provide high availability to the OpenStack cloud controller on Oracle Solaris with Oracle Solaris Cluster..."
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15 May 2015 Checklist of IT KPIs for responsive data center ops [42676]
Search Data Center, May 15, 2015

"The traditional focus on hardware and software monitoring is shifting to a business focus using key performance indicators (KPIs). IT KPIs gauge abstract targets, such as user experience or job ticket turnaround effectiveness.

The difference between IT KPIs and common IT monitoring is the involvement of business leadership. Any organization can deploy tools to track the computing resources assigned to VMs or watch the bandwidth utilization on servers..."
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14 May 2015 Oracle Unified Directory 11gR2PS3 [42591]
All-in-one directory solution

Etienne Remillon writes, "We have released Oracle Unified Directory 11gR2PS3 ( Oracle Unified Directory is an all-in-one directory solution with storage, proxy, synchronization and virtualization capabilities.

While unifying the approach, it provides all the services required for high-performance enterprise and carrier-grade environments. Oracle Unified Directory ensures scalability to billions of entries. It is designed for ease of installation, elastic deployments, enterprise manageability, and effective monitoring..."
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07 May 2015 APTs: The Fine Balance of Control and Monitoring [42522]
Help Net Security, May 7, 2015

"Security is not about winning the war. It is more like insurance, it's about how we handle risks. In order to successfully handle the risk of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) we need to focus on the high stake targets that we want to protect. The challenge, then, is to build a multi-layered security architecture with the right balance of control and monitoring technologies that can prevent any lower-impact threats from escalating into a full blown attack..."
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