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14 Jun 2017 Storage Performance Testing Vital, Says Ex-Morrisons It Chief [64319]
ComputerWeekly, June 14th 2017

"Former Morrisons head of technology says testing and monitoring storage performance is key to avoiding outages and getting the benefits from infrastructure upgrades...

Organisations need to regularly monitor storage performance or risk catastrophic failures. Testing is also vital during times of infrastructure change to ensure upgrades meet performance improvement targets..."
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05 Jun 2017 5 Best Practice Tips To Secure Your Big Data [64109]
SmartDataCollective, June 5th 2017

"Business intelligence is the buzzword making the rounds in corporate circles. To achieve said intelligence, algorithms and predictive analytics are employed, and for that big data is a prerequisite. In this day and age, where literally everything is measured and monitored, there are vast quantities of data generated which can be used in many beneficial ways.

The difficulty arises not only in deciding how to analyse the data for useful insights, but rather how to protect the information. The data dealt with could be sensitive and cause problems for companies if unwittingly divulged. The goal of securing big data was undertaken by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) recently, with the release of The Big Data Security and Privacy Handbook comprising useful tips for data storage, encryption, governance, monitoring and security.

Herewith are five practices that can be undertaken to secure big data..."
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05 Jun 2017 Oracle Continues Innovation and Expansion of Cloud Security Offerings [64150]
Oracle, June 5th 2017

Machine learning, AI and context-aware technology bring depth and breadth to next-generation Identity Security Operation Center

Building on the positive response to its Identity-based Security Operation Center (SOC) cloud services, Oracle today announced a series of developments that enhance the portfolio's sophisticated machine learning, artificial intelligence and contextual awareness technologies. This includes introducing the new Adaptive Access capabilities into Oracle Identity Cloud Service intended for dynamic application access controls, advancing market-leading risk monitoring leveraging machine learning engines, and the expansion of Oracle CASB Cloud Service to help support Oracle SaaS solutions with automated threat detection.
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31 May 2017 Nutanix and Dell Solutions Help Vast-Auto Distribution Obtain Faster Performance and Fewer CapEx and OpEx Costs [63976]
Nutanix, May 31st 2017

Nutanix, Inc., a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced that Vast-Auto Distribution has opted to use the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on Dell EMC XC Series for faster performance and fewer administrative costs. By transitioning to a Nutanix and Dell EMC virtualized solution, the company reduced its previous expenses needed to maintain three expensive HPE LeftHand storage systems by consolidating down to one system with storage and compute functionality included.

Vast-Auto Distribution is a provider of auto parts in Eastern Canada, and oversees hosted IT services for over 50 parts stores and 80 garages. Previously, Vast-Auto Distribution's IT team had been relying on aging five-year-old legacy infrastructure, including SAN servers, which required manually spreading and monitoring all its customers' day-end processes throughout the night.
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30 May 2017 Focusing On The Cheapest Cloud Price Could Cost You More [63916]
InfoWorld, May 30th 2017

"If you skip doing cost governance and cost monitoring, any savings you get upfront will evaporate over time as your actual costs grow...

Amazon Web Services really leads the way in determining market price for cloud services, and the second-, third-, and lower-tier cloud providers try to price their cloud services below that of AWS to steal its business. That is, until AWS drops prices - again.

Enterprises that focus only on cloud usage prices are missing the big - and more important - picture..."
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