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21 Apr 2010 Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000-32 versus IBM p595 [23051]
Both Machines Using 3 TB Scaling Factor

The TPC BenchmarkTM H (TPC-H) is a Decision Support benchmark that evaluates the performance of various Decision Support systems by the execution of sets of queries against a standard database under controlled conditions. In this particular instance, as reported by Joerg Moellenkamp in his blog, a Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition with partitioning and automatic storage management was pitted against an IBM p595, with both servers at the same 3 TB scaling factor. The Sun M9000-32 was reported to yield 188,229 QphH@3000GB with 32 processors, 128 cores, resulting in $23.99/QphH@3000GB.
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07 Apr 2010 Oracle's Hardware and Systems Support Policies [22995]
Translating These Policies for HW, Solaris, OpenSolaris Without All the FUD

On March 16, Oracle published its hardware and systems support policies statement, which covers its newly acquired Sun hardware and software. Speculation on the effect Oracle's policies will have on Solaris and OpenSolaris licensing has caused FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt)-driven rumors to arise. This article will take excerpts highlighting what is actually stated in the policies document and present a couple of interpretations.
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09 Mar 2010 Sun Unified Storage System 2010.02 [22918]
Major Software Update for Sun Storage 7000 Series Appliances

Is the 2010.02 release of the Sun Unified Storage System imminent, asks Joerg Moellenkamp after stumbling upon the page that offers release notes for the 2010.Q1.0.0 expected major software update for the Sun Storage 7000 series appliances. Although it was not yet downloadable for the public at the time of this writing, the software update promises to support the Sun Storage 7110, 7210, 7310, 7410, and 7000 Simulator.
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04 Mar 2010 Pondering the Dedup Process: Synchronous or Asynchronous [22838]
A Primer by Joerg Moellenkamp

Seeking to address some misconceptions on the subject of deduplication, Joerg Moellenkamp's blog "To dedup or not to dedup - that results in a lot of questions" provides a primer on the process. There are two major ways to deduplicate, he writes: synchronous and asynchronous. The synchronous variant does the deduplication while writing to the disks, so duplicates aren't written to disk; the asynchronous variant writes every block to the disk and later on it deletes duplicated blocks by searching possible candidates.
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26 Feb 2010 Home Server Users, Here Are Seven Useful Tips [22853]
Getting Familiar with OpenSolaris Is One of the Most Important

Seven tips for OpenSolaris ZFS home server users are offered to readers by Constantin Gonzalez, one of Sun Germany's principal field technologists. These are tips, he writes, that he found useful in performing his own home server planning, building and installing.
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