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08 Nov 2010 Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch [23611]
A Gateway Is a Gateway Is a Gateway

As he sees it, the Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch enables users to employ Infiniband, with a single cable, as a single fabric on their servers as a gateway to connect to an existing Ethernet network, blogs Joerg Moellenkamp. Citing the FAQs on the Sun Oracle link, he points out that, "The gateway presents itself to the Ethernet fabric as a collection of Ethernet NICs." In other words, no new management issues as a consequence of adopting the gateway.
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22 Oct 2010 Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 TPC-H Result at 3 TB [23598]
Oracle Releases Revised Results

Oracle has released revised figures for its Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 server, equipped with 32 SPARC64 VII 2.88 GHz processors, and Sun Storage 6180 arrays, Oracle Database 11g with Oracle Solaris on TPC-H 3 TB non-clustered performance with a result of 198,907.5 QphH@3000GB with a price of $16.58/QphH@3000GB. Joerg Moellenkamp attributes the performance to the substitution of Sun Storage 6180 for F5100 Flash.
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20 Oct 2010 0.25 Core Multiplier for SPARC T3 [23585]
How Important Is It When It Comes to Licensing Costs?

You really must read Joerg Moellenkamp's blog "About that 'core performance is important for licensing' myth" for yourself because the logic of his argument is too complicated for this teaser. His striking conclusion -- " ... I think we can safely bury that myth, that core performance is interesting because of licensing. The licensing metrics take care of that challenge," -- should pique your curiosity on the subject and take you to the blog. If you are also curious about what prompted Moellenkamp's argument, see the "Oracle Processor Core Factor Table."
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07 Oct 2010 Slide Presentation: "What is My Unix Doing?" [23480]
Thoughts About Tuning Unix Systems

An 110-slide presentation entitled "What is my Unix doing?" by Joerg Moellenkamp explores tuning these systems and touches on performance issues, observability pointers, and debugging techniques. This slides were presented at the Free Software and Open Source (FroSCon) 2010 event held Aug. 21-22.
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23 Sep 2010 Next-Generation Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Product Line [23516]
Enhancements Lead to Performance, Scalability, Cost Improvements

Newly released by Oracle, the ZFS Storage Appliance product line features best-in-class management software and an innovative hybrid storage pool architecture that has been integrated with Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, to provide optimal business system performance. Oracle's product announcement claims that the products deliver the leading throughput, flexibility and ease of use demanded by organizations using storage for cloud computing, virtualization, storage consolidation and data protection.
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