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06 Jan 2011 The Importance of the 0.5 Core Factor for the SPARC64 VII+ [23805]
Compensates for the Edge IBM's Power7 Gets from rperf Calculations

Joerg Moellenkamp's blogs are becoming the locus of dispute, which makes for interesting reading. In one of his most recent "The importance of the 0.5 core factor for the SPARC64 VII+" he questions the practice of using rperf to extrapolate TPC-H performance. He contends that rperf really gives IBM's Power 7 an undeserved benefit of the doubt. His complicated argument results in the conclusion that SPARC64 is legitimately competitive with Power7 in spite of the edge IBM gets from the rperf calculation. Some of his readers disagree, however.
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05 Jan 2011 SPECint results for the SPARC64 VII+ [23811]
Moellenkamp Blog Sparks Dialog Over Cache Size and SPECint

The recent SPECcpu results for the SPARC64 VII+ are the subject of a Joerg Moellenkamp blog in which he comments on the historical relationship between processor frequency and benchmark results. With a clock frequency of 2660 MHz a speed bump of 130 MHz was announced. Although the expectation was for a SPECint_rate2006 result of 328, the result was SPECint_rate2006 = 352, he writes. Moellenkamp also notes the apparent connection between the size of L2 cache, pointing out that "SPECint really likes larger caches." A comments section, exponentially longer than Moellenkamp's own post, takes up this point along with other issues.
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09 Dec 2010 How to Monitor SMF Services via Mail [23703]
Another New Feature of Solaris

Service Management Facility (SMF) is one of the many new features to be found in Solaris. In one of his recent blogs Joerg Moellenkamp writes about how to configure SMF to send mail when a state transition occurs. Moellenkamp reviews the notification framework and lists the several states that SMF is able to send notifications about when transitions occur. He also goes over the installation of the daemon SMF requires in order to send mail, as well as covering the management of notifications, including notifications for a single service.
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07 Dec 2010 Protecting Your Data With Two Factors And ZFS Dataset Encryption [23707]
Security Is Doubly Assured with this Method

Once again, Joerg Moellenkamp is the man with the answers. This time the question under consideration is using ZFS dataset encryption to protect your files. He outlines the method, which involves using two USB drives, one as datastore and the other as keystore. The keystore drive contains an encrypted dataset containing the keyfile for the dataset on the datastore USB stick. That one is protected with a pass phrase. Moellenkamp provides the code necessary for implementation, which when completed, results in a user needing to know the passphrase for the dataset storing the key as well as the USB stick itself that contains the keysource. Only a user with both can decrypt the data on the USB stick, he writes confidently.
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08 Nov 2010 Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch [23611]
A Gateway Is a Gateway Is a Gateway

As he sees it, the Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch enables users to employ Infiniband, with a single cable, as a single fabric on their servers as a gateway to connect to an existing Ethernet network, blogs Joerg Moellenkamp. Citing the FAQs on the Sun Oracle link, he points out that, "The gateway presents itself to the Ethernet fabric as a collection of Ethernet NICs." In other words, no new management issues as a consequence of adopting the gateway.
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