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15 Oct 2015 Solaris 11.2 SysAdmin Handbook is now available [46578]
By Foxwell, Foster and Moellenkamp; 336 Pages

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19 Aug 2013 Less known Solaris 11.1 features: pfedit [32356]
per-file authorized edit of administrative files

Joerg Moellenkamp writes, "It's a really nifty feature: Let's assume, you have a config file in your system and you want to allow your junior fellow admin to edit it from time to time, but don't want him to pass any further rights to him, because this machine is too important.

Solaris 11.1 has an interesting feature to delegate the privilege to edit just a file. The tool enabling this is called pfedit..."
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23 Mar 2013 Joerg Moellenkamp on Performance Analysis [30245]
In a Word (or Three): 'Never Assume Anything'

Readers with the time (and the interest) might wish to have a go at Joerg Moellenkamp's treatise on performance analysis, which parses the "methodology" of that task in a more semantic than methods-oriented fashion. He begins by taking exception to Brendan Gregg's post "The USE method addresses shortcomings in other commonly used methodologies," exception that bears more on philology than performance analysis. There is no disputing Moellenkamp's advice in the end, however: The more you know, the better you will be at performance analysis.
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17 Jan 2013 A Message from Joerg Moellenkamp: Upgrade Java Now! [29393]
Serious Vulnerabilities Exist in Versions Below Java 7 Update 11

There is a clear note of concern in Joerg Moellenkamp's post on immediately upgrading Java 7 to update 11 as a defense against falling victim to exploiters of the severe vulnerabilities that are now well and widely known in the hacker community. He provides a link to the upgrade.
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31 Jul 2012 Installing sar on Your System: A Getting-started Guide [27050]
Includes Information on Running sar in Solaris 11

Users concerned about system performance data will find Sandra Henry-Stocker's post on "Getting started with sar" a helpful guide. She shares her experience of using yum install sysstat to install sysstat on a Fedora 17 system. (She recommends apt-get install sysstat as an alternative.) With sar installed, Henry-Stocker's Fedora 17 is enabled to collect performance data every ten minutes with daily summaries available shortly before midnight. Other components that are part of the sar package include sadc, sa1, and sa2. Henry-Stocker also writes about how users can get sar (installed by default) up and running on Solaris.
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