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01 Apr 2012 Oracle Database 11gR2 Certified with E-Business Suite on Windows [25758]
Certification on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) Is in Progress

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( is now certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and Release 12 on several Microsoft Windows operating systems. Blogger John Abraham explains that certain of these OSes are 'database tier only' or 'split tier configuration' platforms where the application tier must be on a fully certified E-Business Suite platform. Others, he adds are 'database tier only' platforms for Release 11i. For 12.1.1 or higher, it is also supported on the application tier via the migration process outlined in My Oracle Support Document 1188535.1. Split Tier Certification on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)is in progress.
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13 Feb 2012 Tips for Replicating Data In the Cloud [25502]
GCN February 9, 2012

"In a recent request for information, the Social Security Administration asked how a private cloud might be used to provide enterprise disk storage for the agency’s entire data storage needs.

Providing storage across an enterprise as complex and multi-faceted as SSA’s would mean replicating data across nests of different offices and IT environments. SSA said, for example, that it had applications running on a host of operating systems, including Hewlett-Packard Unix, IBM mainframes, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Solaris and VMware ..."
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14 Dec 2011 Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Released [25071]
Accelerates Performance by Up to 300 Percent on Oracle Systems

Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3, Oracle's advanced C, C++ and Fortran development tool suite, delivers accelerated application performance of up to 300% on Oracle Systems. The release provides extreme application observability and enhances developer productivity. Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 is optimized for Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems to deliver up to 300% faster SPARC T4 and up to 150% faster x86-based applications with Oracle Solaris Studio C, C++ and Fortran compilers, Terri Wischmann blogs. Users can perform remote development of server-applications from any Oracle Solaris, Linux, Microsoft Windows or Mac OS desktop.
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31 Aug 2011 Deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server on the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance [24488]
A Multi-step How-to Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide to Deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server on the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance by Andrew Ness describes creating and preparing shares and block-protocol iSCSI LUNs on a Sun ZFS Storage Appliance to be published and used by a Microsoft Windows server running Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Ness's procedure allows administrators to make use of the simple, powerful BUI in the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance to manage scalable, high performance data storage for use by a Microsoft SharePoint Server.
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28 Jul 2011 The Oracle Hardware Management Pack [24395]
Indispensible Tool for x86 Servers

Oracle's Hardware Management Pack comprises two components: an SNMP monitoring agent and a family of cross platform Command Line (CLI) tools for managing and configuring Oracle Sun Fire x86 servers. The Sun Server Management Agent component provides an in-band SNMP agent for monitoring the server hardware and storage. The cross platform command line tools run on Solaris, Linux (Oracle Enterprise Linux, and current releases from Red Hat and Novell), and Microsoft Windows 2008. The tools. listed below, provide powerful and flexible configuration and update capabilities.

  • ilomconfig, configure the service processor
  • biosconfig, configure the BIOS
  • raidconfig, configure RAID components
  • fwupdate, update firmware
  • All configuration tools are Capable of loading

The Hardware Management Pack saved the day for Peter Tribble, who blogs about his efforts to build a jumpstart profile and to map from the WWN-based device names to physical positions on the chassis of the SPARC T3-1 and the x86-based X4170 M2.
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