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19 Nov 2010 Increasing Efficiency With Easy And Comprehensive Storage Management [23618]
5-Page Data Sheet

Unprecedendted Observability, Cost-saving Performance Acceleration, And Superior Data

Storage management has become a key ingredient for success with today's data-intensive application environments. From the workgroup to the enterprise, Sun ZFS Storage Appliance software simplifies storage management and enables you to increase application performance and reliability while also driving down costs. Its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive analytics gives you everything you need to increase storage efficiencies and quickly resolve issues.
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01 Nov 2010 Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Software [23617]
Beefs Up Application Performance; Drives Operating Costs Down

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance software, described on its own Oracle Data Sheet, is said to simplify storage management and enable users to increase application performance and reliability while it also helps keep operating costs down. Among its features are DTrace Analytics software; automated optimization across multiple storage tiers using Hybrid Storage Pools; triple parity RAID; and seamless multiprotocol integration and secure data sharing between Microsoft Windows, Linus and Unix clients. Consult the data sheet for all the details.
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09 Oct 2010 Optimize Solaris Zone Performance and Increase Server Utilization [23566]
Effective Capacity Planning in Virtualized Environments

Halcyon's Neuron Performance Manager aggregates Solaris zone performance data to proactively monitor overall server utilization and quickly identify bottlenecks and excess capacity. This solution enables organizations to optimize their virtual environment to improve service levels, reduce costs, and increase availability of critical business applications.

Unlike traditional reporting tools, Neuron Performance Manager automatically collects important Oracle Solaris performance data such as CPU and memory usage from Zones and Containers and aggregates them into a single graph. This allows administrators to view historical trends and predict future capacity needs on both physical and virtual hosts. For more information, screenshots, and to download this solution with free pre-sales technical support, click on Get More Information.
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09 Aug 2010 The Oracle GlassFish Server Advantage for Small Businesses [23346]
Start with Open Source; Shift to Commercially Supported Release as Business Grows

Oracle GlassFish Server, a premier Java EE application server based on GlassFish Server Open Source Edition, offers small businesses an open source application server with true interoperability that delivers rich features enabling superior documentation, administration, and configuration. The Oracle white paper "The Oracle GlassFish Server Advantage for Small Businesses" outlines the features of this solution that the small to medium business will find useful.
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23 Jul 2010 Oracle's Sun Fire X4800 Server Architecture [23313]
Specifics on the New High-end x86 Enterprise System

Find out more about Oracle's Sun Fire X4800 server architecture in a white paper that details the Intel Xeon 7500 technology and the inner-workings of the X4800, along with its systems management and operating systems choice. The Sun Fire X4800 is a new high-end x86 enterprise system, providing up to 8 sockets of Intel Xeon Processor 7500 series CPUs, huge memory, hot-plug PCI-Express gen 2 IO options, including access to up to 8 x 1GbE and 8 x 10GbE NICs and compute scalability up to 64 cores (128 threads with Intel Hyperthreading enabled).
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