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04 Jan 2010 Details on NetBeans 6.8 [22690]
Specifics on Features & Benefits, Supported Platforms & OSes, System Requirements

To help developers get the most out of Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3, the NetBeans IDE 6.8 is the first IDE to provide complete support for the Java EE 6 specification, including support for JSF 2.0 (Facelets), EJB 3.1, and GlassFish v3. This latest version of the integrated development environment also upgrades its support of dynamic languages with PHP 5.3 support and support for the Symfony framework, along with new improvements and features in several other areas.
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17 Dec 2009 "Guide to MySQL Embedded Server for Microsoft Windows" [22499]
White Paper Outlines Reasons MySQL on Windows is Preferred

Seventy-two percent of MySQL ISV / OEM customers responding to a 2009 survey use Windows for development and 59% use Windows as their application's deployment platform. With these statistics in mind, a guide has been written pointing out the reasons MySQL on Windows is more popular than Microsoft databases along with tips and links to various resources on how to develop and optimize MySQL applications on Windows.
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07 Dec 2009 Details on Sun Storage 6180 Array [22489]
Get Better Performance With Fewer Drives

The power to achieve better performance with fewer drives - lowering acquisition, support and operational costs - is what Sun proposes the Sun Storage 6180 Array offers customers. It also scales and integrates seamlessly all the way up to the flagship Sun Storage 6780 Array. Offering redundant components, the Sun Storage 6180 Array provides automated I/O path failover, and extensive online configuration, reconfiguration and maintenance capabilities.
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24 Nov 2009 New Cloud-based Desktop as a Service for Educational Institutions [22616]
Offers Benefits of Cloud Computing to the School Desktop

A new cloud-based Desktop as a Service is being offered for educational institutions by Sun and Ashbourne Technology Group. The multi-platform service provides a virtual desktop experience for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris to most client devices, including Sun Ray thin clients and other platforms with Java-based browsers.
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19 Nov 2009 Download Sun Directory Enterprise Edition 7.0 [22599]
Improves Authentication, Modification and Over 3x the Performance

Version 7.0 of the Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) improves performance by more than three times when compared to its predecessor, and improves authentication and modification performance by 60 percent, allowing customers to accelerate their applications without changing one line of code, Sun reports. It is now available for download along with supporting documentation.
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