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30 May 2011 Oracle Secure Global Desktop Delivers Access to Development Environments [24218]
Oracle's Developers Worldwide Have the Access Required for their Work

As the Oracle white paper "Distributed Development Using Oracle Secure Global Desktop" explains, the Oracle Product Development IT Group (Oracle PDIT) employs Oracle Secure Global Desktop as a gateway to development environments used by Oracle’s software development teams working worldwide on Oracle Fusion, Oracle E-Business Suite, and various other Oracle applications. These software developers use Oracle Secure Global Desktop to access X Windows applications (xterm, fvwm, gnome) running on Solaris OS or Linux servers in the data center, giving them access to various graphical development tools such as Oracle JDeveloper, as well as systems running Microsoft Windows. Oracle PDIT has thousands of concurrent users spread across multiple Oracle Secure Global Desktop arrays around the globe. By this means, Oracle is able to provide its software development teams the access they require to their specific developer environments from any location, reliably and without performance degradation. In addition, administrators can centrally administer access to individual developer environments across multiple locations worldwide.
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03 May 2011 Supported Platforms for JDK 7 [24158]
Windows, Linux, Solaris and Maybe, in Time, OS X

When JDK 7 is released in GA, Oracle has tentative plans to support several platforms, which include Microsoft Windows on x86 and x86-64; Oracle, Red Hat, SuSE and Ubuntu Linux on x86 and x86-64; and Solaris on x86, x86-64, and SPARC. Oracle cautions that this may change by release time but those are the platforms currently slated for support. Collaboration is also underway with Apple on an OpenJDK port to OS X, Oracle announces, adding that its release will not happen until some time after JDK 7 GA. Henrik Stahl, from whose blog this information is taken, also provides details on numerous aspects of the JDK 7 release.
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21 Mar 2011 Oracle9i Real Application Clusters Database Quick Start Install Guide [24015]
For Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Using Oracle Linux with NFSv3 Protocol

"Oracle9i Real Application Clusters Database Quick Start Install Guide for Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Using Oracle Linux" presents step-by-step instructions, with the necessary code, on how to install and configure the Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) Release database using the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance with NFSv3 protocol. While Oracle provides cluster software for this version of Oracle RAC for systems running either the Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems, the focus in this document is on an implementation on a Linux system, with a concentration on Oracle Linux 4U5 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4U5.
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19 Nov 2010 Increasing Efficiency With Easy And Comprehensive Storage Management [23618]
5-Page Data Sheet

Unprecedendted Observability, Cost-saving Performance Acceleration, And Superior Data

Storage management has become a key ingredient for success with today's data-intensive application environments. From the workgroup to the enterprise, Sun ZFS Storage Appliance software simplifies storage management and enables you to increase application performance and reliability while also driving down costs. Its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive analytics gives you everything you need to increase storage efficiencies and quickly resolve issues.
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01 Nov 2010 Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Software [23617]
Beefs Up Application Performance; Drives Operating Costs Down

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance software, described on its own Oracle Data Sheet, is said to simplify storage management and enable users to increase application performance and reliability while it also helps keep operating costs down. Among its features are DTrace Analytics software; automated optimization across multiple storage tiers using Hybrid Storage Pools; triple parity RAID; and seamless multiprotocol integration and secure data sharing between Microsoft Windows, Linus and Unix clients. Consult the data sheet for all the details.
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