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04 May 2015 Open Source Threatens to Eat the Database Market [42452]
InfoWorld, April 29, 2015

"Marten Mickos may no longer run MySQL, but his ghost still haunts the database market.

Years ago, Mickos declared, "The relational database market is a $9 billion a year market. I want to shrink it to $3 billion and take a third of the market." MySQL never got to that point, generating roughly $100 million in sales before being acquired by Sun for $1 billion, but that commoditization urge has hit the database market hard..."
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03 Dec 2009 Oracle to Meet with EU on Dec. 10th [22635]
Factual Errors in EU Document Identified by Open Source Legal Expert

Dec. 10 is the day Oracle will be presenting its case to European Union regulators on why it should be allowed to acquire Sun. The European Commission has objected to the $7 billion deal, saying the combination of Sun's MySQL database product and Oracle's products could hinder competition in the database market. This ruling has met with opposition from a variety of sources and galvanized letter writing campaigns urging the EU to reconsider its stance. Recently, Columbia University law professor Eben Moglen told EU antitrust regulators in a Nov. 19 letter their analysis of the deal is partly flawed. Moglen is considered a legal expert on open-source software.
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23 Nov 2009 New Deadline Set for EU to Rule on Sun-Oracle Merger [22603]
Ruling Extended Eight Days at Oracle's Request

European Union (EU) regulators extended the deadline for their final decision on Oracle's plans to buy Sun by eight days. Announced on November 20, this extension was set in place to satisfy a request made by Oracle, which is building its rebuttal to the European Commission's Statement of Objections issued on November 9th opposing Sun's acquisition by Oracle. The Commission said it has pushed back its deadline to January 27, 2010, from the original January 19 deadline set back in September.
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11 Nov 2009 European Commission Objects to Oracle's Acquisition of Sun [22573]
Oracle to "Vigorously Oppose" the Ruling

The European Commission issued a Statement of Objections on November 9th opposing Sun's acquisition by Oracle. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing from Sun, the open-source MySQL database software is the sole issue of concern in the matter. In response, Oracle issued a statement saying the objection "reveals a profound misunderstanding of both database competition and open-source dynamics" and the company "plans to vigorously oppose the Commission's Statement of Objections as the evidence against the Commission's position is overwhelming."
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15 Oct 2009 MySQL Founder Writes to EU Regarding Sun-Oracle Merger [22478]
Urges Swift Approval to Ensure Database Market Remains Competitive

Former CEO of MySQL Marten Mickos has written a letter of appeal to Neelie Kroes, the European Union's competition commissioner, urging that Oracle's pending acquisition of Sun be approved for the good of the market and MySQL. "Every new day of uncertainty is potentially very harmful to the various businesses of Sun, reducing competition in the market," Mickos writes. "A delay in the closing of this transaction is therefore only going to work against the respectable goal that you set out to achieve when launching the probe into this acquisition."
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