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24 Jul 2009 Favorite and Funny Code: Part Four of Janice J. Heiss's Series on Developers [22005]
Interviews with Joshua Bloch, Tom Ball, and Masood Mortazavi

As if to refute the notion that developers have no capacity for humor, Janice J. Heiss caps off her four-part series on developer life with "Favorite and Funny Code," amusing anecdotes from three luminaries in the field: Joshua Bloch, Tom Ball and Masood Mortazavi.
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17 Jun 2009 The Process of Writing Code: Part 3 of the Developer Insight Series [21876]
13 Developers Present as Many Approaches to Writing Code

Part 3 of "The Developer Insight Series: The Process of Writing Code" by Janice J. Heiss considers (in her own words), developers reflecting "...on the actual process of writing code, how it happens, what it feels like, and how they do it." Parts 1 and 2, covered in System News as "Dumb Code Has a Place in the Developers' World," concerned practiced developers offering their advice on writing good code.
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16 Jun 2009 Screencast Explains How to Upgrade from OpenSolaris 2008.11 to 2009.06 [21930]
Using Package Manager or Command Line

Through an audio screencast, find out how you can easily upgrade from an existing OpenSolaris 2008.11 to OpenSolaris 2009.06. This 10-minute how-to screencast is easy to follow and is presented by Markus Weber, Sun technical marketing manager. He shows the simple steps to follow to conduct this upgrade and several screenshots to walk users through it.
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07 May 2009 Dumb Code Has a Place in the Developers' World [21779]
Some Expert Views

Expressing strikingly similar opinions on the virtues of "dumb code," four Java developers interviewed by Janice J. Heiss in her "Developer Insight Series, Part 1" discuss the importance of not striving for elegance but simplicity instead. Another five experts offer their views in "The Developer Insight Series, Part 2: Code Talk."
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27 Mar 2009 Dr. Masood Mortazavi Gives Developers Practical Advice: Java, Open-Source [21526]
Part 2 of the Series: Meet Sun Software Engineering Manager

Part 2 of the series on Masood Mortazavi expands into his experience of managing projects in Open-Source communities and database communities, Java applications, and advice on how to be better developer, handle platform changes, work with Java, and write code. Article exposes his vast knowledge on these mentioned topics with developer tips.
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