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09 Oct 2014 SPARC It Up! [38711]
M7 Promises Once in a Generation Innovation

Kevin writes, "Oracle's microprocessor received a lot of coverage at Oracle OpenWorld 2014. The extreme performance, efficiency and optimization gains will rewrite the rules for price and performance value, plus speed the time it takes to deploy technology. Masood Heydari, SVP of Hardware Development at Oracle, provided an update to the SPARC M7 roadmap, first revealed at the Hot Chips conference in August 2014..."
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24 Oct 2011 SPARC Strategy: An Introduction to the SPARC T4 Processor and the T4 Server Line [24746]
Masood Heydari, Senior Vice President, SPARC Systems Development

SPARC Strategy, a 58-page slide desk assembled by Masood Heydari, SVP, SPARC Systems Development, Oracle, introduces the SPARC T4 processor and the T4 Server line, along with the Solaris 11 OS, and shows how the integrated applications-to-disk management approach to the design of these solutions can enable users to employ complete stack management. In less than 60 pages Heydari familiarizes his audiences with all the salient features of Oracle's next-generation approach to hardware and software solutions.
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04 Feb 2010 Oracle's Plans for Sun Products, Technologies [22805]
Links to a Variety Resources on the Current Roadmap

The Jan. 27 Oracle presentation on its product strategy for integrating Sun hardware and software produced a lot of information on a variety of solutions and technologies. In this article, readers will find links and references from many different sources to help find material on their valued interests.
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