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08 Oct 2009 Four Optimized Solutions from Sun and Oracle [22402]
There's More to the Portfolio Than Just Exadata Version 2

With all the publicity surrounding the September launch of the Exadata Version 2 solution based on Sun hardware and Oracle software, Sun Microsystems Federal CTO Mark Perkins decided to remind readers that the two companies also have three other Sun/Oracle optimized solutions: Sun Optimized Oracle CRM Solution, Oracle Optimized Warehouse Solution, and Enterprise Grid Solutions from Sun and Oracle.
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18 Mar 2009 Consider the Sun Virtual Desktop Solutions [21392]
The Savings and Performance Will Surprise You

There have been some recent success stories involving the federal government's use of virtual desktop solutions, writes Sun Microsystems Federal CTO Mark Perkins. His conclusion is that virtual desktop solutions are proving their worth to the federal agencies that have adopted them.
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13 Mar 2009 Quick Primer on Sun Federal's Reference Architecture-based Solutions [21370]
Solutions for Databases, Software, Security, and Service

According to Mark Perkins, CTO, Sun Microsystems Federal, business can use Sun's blueprint for "architecture-based solutions" to help organizations achieve high-quality implementations and get to market faster. The architecture was developed from Sun and OEM technologies, people, and processes and includes solutions in the following areas: datacenter, software, security, and specialty, which includes service components.
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12 Feb 2009 Build It and They Will Come? [21248]
Sun Microsystems Federal Doesn't Work on that Assumption

The new Sun Microsystems Federal Solutions receive an inaugural explanation from Mark Perkins, CTO of Sun Microsystems Federal, in a recent blog. Perkins tells his readers that these Sun solutions are built with a solution-based strategy Sun has carefully aligned with its federal customers' mission critical goals and priorities.
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