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04 May 2017 Oracle CEO Mark Hurd says Enterprise Cloud Migration in Early Stages [63131]
eWeek, May 4th 2017

David Needle writes, "During a 'media day' for journalists, Oracle executives discussed the company's enterprise cloud strategy and announced a big deal with AT&T affecting 70,000 service personnel.

When it comes to cloud computing, Oracle Corp. wants it all. The database giant held court on a variety of topics focused mainly on its cloud computing strategy here at company headquarters during a media event...

'We think this transition to the cloud fully will take a decade,' said Oracle CEO Mark Hurd in opening remarks...
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28 Apr 2017 Hurd: Oracle's New AI Applications Are A Powerful Piece Of Its Winning Cloud Strategy [62899]
Oracle, April 28th 2017

"Our strategy and momentum are irrefutable - we are the fastest-growing cloud company at scale," Oracle CEO Mark Hurd told USA Today in an interview published this week.

As part of its cloud "battle plan" against competitors, Oracle will continue to add new cutting-edge capabilities, including chatbots and technology based on artificial intelligence, to its suites of cloud applications, Hurd told the newspaper.
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25 Apr 2017 Oracle's Hurd: Delivering Elite Service Starts With Data-Powered Employees [62901]
By Margaret Lindquist

Margaret writes, "Today's razor-thin margins keep pushing CEOs to cut costs and increase market share. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, during a keynote address at Oracle's Modern Customer Experience conference here, noted that although cutting costs is a fundamental goal for any CEO, increasing market share is the key to survival. 'There are three ways to do that, but the path with the most room for differentiation is customer service,' he said. And companies that use customer data to strengthen relationships with existing customers will be able to differentiate themselves..."
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18 Apr 2017 Oracle's Hurd: Answer The Questions That Really Matter To Your Business [62684]
By Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy writes in Forbes, "Oracle CEO Mark Hurd tries to avoid broad tech industry jargon like 'big data analytics.' Instead, as a CEO, he wants to hear about a real business problem and how data analysis helps solve it.

Like this question, which he's pushing his own teams to answer:

'What kinds of people succeed at Oracle?' Hurd asked, speaking to HR leaders on April 11 at the Oracle HCM World conference in Boston.

Oracle has hired tens of thousands of people over the past five years as it grows, adding to its a massive employee data set. Do recent grads from certain universities, with certain GPAs, tend to do better at Oracle, or does the success of such hires have more to do with the manager they're assigned? 'What common corollaries are there among the people who succeed?' Hurd asked..."
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12 Apr 2017 Oracle CEO: We Can Beat Amazon and Microsoft Without as Many Data Centers [62447]
Fortune, April 12th 2017

Barb Darrow writes in Fortune, "Conventional wisdom in the public cloud market is that there are three leaders: Amazon Web Services followed by Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Those companies assemble and sell massive arrays of servers, storage, and networking to businesses-most of which don't want to build more of their own data centers. Towards that end, those three cloud superpowers alone spent roughly $31 billion last year to extend their data center capacity around the world, according to the Wall Street Journal, which tabulated that total from corporate filings.

By comparison, Oracle, which is making its own public cloud push, spent about $1.7 billion. To most observers, that looks like a stunning mismatch.

But Mark Hurd, Oracle's co-chief executive, would beg to differ. In his view, there are data centers and then there are data centers. And Oracle's data centers, he said, can be more efficient because they run Oracle hardware and supercharged databases..."
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