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13 Oct 2009 Sun GlassFish Communications Server 2.0 [22466]
SIP Session Replication, Rolling Upgrade and 64-bit JVM Support

Key new features in the Sun GlassFish Communications Server 2.0 include SIP session replication, rolling upgrade and Diameter support. The open source telco-grade application server expands platform support to include AIX 6.1 with IBM JDK 6 in this release. Based on the latest version of the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1.1, Communications Server 2.0 offers a scalable, standards-based platform aimed at simplifying development of value-added applications and services such as: VoIP, IPTV, virtual PBX, and fixed mobile convergence.
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15 Apr 2009 Why Be a Victim of Vendor Lock-in? [21631]
At Least Have a Look at Open Source Alternatives

No one should be surprised to find Sun's VP of Software Infrastructure Marketing Mark Herring urging users to take a look at the proprietary solutions they are currently running with an eye to seeing whether an open source alternative would do as well for less money. And he has a point.
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05 Mar 2009 Sun Sharpens Focus on Identity Management Portfolio [21364]
Reducing Complexity Is Among Sun's Aims

Sun has plans for the Identity and Access Management (IAM) segment of the market, reports Brian Prince, reporting for Working with Passlogix and ActivIdentity on enterprise single sign-on, Sun is striving to establish deeper technical integration across Sun’s products. Enterprises can expect enhancements to Sun’s identity management offerings around SSO later this year, Prince reports.
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13 Feb 2009 The Sun GlassFish Portfolio [21354]
Foundation to Develop and Deploy Web and Enterprise Applications

Sun is offering its open source GlassFish application server and some new by-products as part of a newly named Sun GlassFish Portfolio that offers a flexible subscription-based pricing model based upon varying levels of service and support. Starting at $999 per server, the GlassFish Portfolio includes the GlassFish Application Server, along with the following new components: Web Stack, Web Space Server, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and Enterprise Manager.
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