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25 Aug 2010 Get to Know New Java Champion Josh Marinacci [23398]
Stresses Importance of Focus on Workflow in Application Design

Newly named Java Champion Josh Marinacci, whose involvement with Java programming language dates from Java Beta in 1995, now views Java, he says, as " ... the language I go to for everything I work on." Readers can learn more about Marinacci in Yolanda Poirier's August 2010 interview with him.
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10 Jul 2009 JavaFX News Bites [22036]
Short Items of Interest to JavaFX Users

  • JavaFX 1.2 SDK
  • Top 5 Most Important Features in JavaFX 1.2
  • Pac-Man and JavaFX Tutorial
  • UI Controls in JavaFX 1.2
  • Free 15-Week JavaFX Programming Online Course
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17 Jun 2009 The Process of Writing Code: Part 3 of the Developer Insight Series [21876]
13 Developers Present as Many Approaches to Writing Code

Part 3 of "The Developer Insight Series: The Process of Writing Code" by Janice J. Heiss considers (in her own words), developers reflecting "...on the actual process of writing code, how it happens, what it feels like, and how they do it." Parts 1 and 2, covered in System News as "Dumb Code Has a Place in the Developers' World," concerned practiced developers offering their advice on writing good code.
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