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24 Jul 2010 A Petabyte: Not as Much as You Might Think [23307]
So Don't Waste What You Do Have: Oracle Unified Storage

From the days of thinking a petabyte of storage was unattainable and unnecessary to the present, when a petabyte is scarcely enough, follow along with Marc Hamilton whose blog on the subject leads readers, finally, to what he recommends as the solution: Oracle Sun Unified Storage.
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13 Jul 2010 Ideas for Building Your Next x86 Cluster [23296]
Highlights of recent launch from Marc Hamilton

Commenting on the recent launch of x86 products from Oracle, Marc says that, "Oracle's new x86 servers are designed to be used together in clusters, along with our high performance 10 GbE and InfiniBand switches, Oracle storage, and Oracle software. Engineered together from application to disk."

Marc says that Oracle's x86 engineers have been busy, "engineering complete systems of x86 clusters for Oracle and non Oracle workloads."
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08 Jun 2010 Data Integrity in the Cloud [23161]
Drive Reliability as a Limitation

Henry Newman's ability to analyze complex systems and explain them in accessible terms was most recently applied to a discussion of cloud storage that blogger Marc Hamilton drew attention to. Newman's article "Cloud Storage Will Be Limited by Drive Reliability, Bandwidth," which appeared in, explains the statistical reasons behind the inadequacy of a multi-petabyte cloud storage environment that relies only on data replication across two sites to protect data, as Hamilton summarizes the argument.
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09 Apr 2010 The Evolution of Oracle Data Mining [22958]
And Its Deserved Place at the Top of Data Mining Applications

The evolution of Oracle Data Mining began, blogs Marc Hamilton in "Oracle Data Mining Technology" with the 1980s supercomputer company Thinking Machines which passed on its hardware assets and numerous employees, after that company's bankruptcy in 1994, to Sun Microsystems. What remained of Thinking Machines morphed into the data mining software company Darwin, which was then sold to Oracle in 1999, which led to the emergency of Oracle Data Mining.
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04 Mar 2010 HPC News Bites [22887]
Short Items of Interest for the HPC Community

  • HPC in 2010
  • Lustre File System Update
  • Oracle to Participate in ISC and HPC Consortium
  • NFS Tuning for HPC Streaming Applications
  • HPC Application Performance with Flash Storage
  • How Flash Storage Fits into HPC
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