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03 Sep 2017 Summary of Upcoming South Florida IT Events [65895]
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This Week

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Next Week

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

Later This Year

Monday, September 18th, 2017

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Saturday, September 30th, 2017 to Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Monday, October 16th, 2017 to Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Thursday, November 2th, 2017

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Details at SF IT Events Website.

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03 Sep 2017 Data Patterns, Logistic Regression, Kaggle Competition + Special Guest [66040]
Thursday, September 7th, 2017: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

StartHub - Miami

For this meetup we will split into smaller groups to explore data science related topics, but will also host a special guest, Charles Pich, for a brief chat about data science careers. Charles is the Director, Merchandising Intelligence at ( He currently, leads a team of data analysts and scientists within the Merchandising Intelligence department, who identify opportunities to optimize the stakeholders of the Merchandising Operations management decision-making, by developing intelligent recommendations through tools such as Tableau, R, Python, and SQL.

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03 Sep 2017 Disaster recovery vs. security recovery plans: Why you need separate strategies [65918]
CSO Online, August 25th, 2017

"Responding to a cyber security incident has its own unique objectives and requires its own recovery plan," notes John Edwards in CSO Online.

"Many enterprises blend their disaster recovery and security recovery plans into a single, neat, easy-to-sip package. But does this approach make sense?

Not really, say a variety of disaster and security recovery experts, including Marko Bourne, who leads Booz Allen's emergency management, disaster assistance and mission assurance practice. 'Security and disaster plans are related, but not always the same thing,' he observes..."
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03 Sep 2017 9 lies CIOs tell themselves [65919]
CIO, August 21st, 2017

Bob Lewis writes in CIO, "If Achilles had been a CIO, self-deception would be his heel. He'd be sure business-IT alignment is tight, information security bulletproof, and all projects come in on time. CIOs set the stage for disaster by fooling themselves.

'O what a tangled web we weave,' explained Scottish novelist Walter Scott, 'when first we practice to deceive'..."
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03 Sep 2017 Why Business Continuity is the Final Word in the 'Build vs Buy' Debate [65929]
Data Center Knowledge, August 24th, 2017

"Industry experts assert that because the manipulation and communication of information is now a core function of most organizations, comprehensive data management strategies are vital," writes Darren Watkins in Data Center Knowledge.

"But despite being mission critical, the data center often remains siloed - a necessary, but not strategic, business service.

However, in an economic landscape defined by digital disruption, and where businesses are transforming at lightning speed, this is finally set to change. The innovations revolutionizing business - cloud computing, social media, mobile apps, the 'big data' explosion and on-demand services - can only be delivered from purpose-built highly efficient data centers..."
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