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20 Jun 2017 Finding Data Relationships With Intelligent Graph Analytics [64408]
Information Management, June 20th 2017

"With the explosion of new data management technologies such as NoSQL databases and the higher demand for self-service analytics, there are multiple innovative paths opening up to solve data analytics challenges.

Source systems - especially legacy ones - serve highly optimized business processes and are closest to business users and customers. They produce a mix of master and transaction data. Mastering the data from multiple systems has been in practice for many years with varying degrees of success..."
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19 Jun 2017 3-Step Guide To Enterprise IT: Strategy Considerations [64424]
ITProPortal, June 19th 2017

"Organisations with established objectives and an organized strategy will be better equipped to manage their IT strategy...

Given its ubiquity in an increasingly digitally-driven business landscape, Information Technology (IT) occupies a central function for nearly every enterprise today.

Because of the premium now placed on IT, procurement and management of IT services in turn demand more scrutiny and caution from enterprise firms. In particular, the security of company data now must drive considerations of enterprise decision-makers when formulating strategy or initiatives in IT..."
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19 Jun 2017 Managing The Multi-Cloud: It's Complicated [64423]
ZDNet, June 19th 2017

"When planning out your cloud deployment, keep in mind you'll likely be using multiple clouds. That means you'll need to also and budget for cloud management software and systems...

One of the more annoying aspects of the tech industry is the proliferation of buzzwords and marketing-speak. Take "cloud" for example. Somehow, we managed to re-label the practice of filling up giant, power-sucking, heat-spewing, soulless warehouses of computing power into something nice and floaty like "cloud."

And now we also have 'multi-cloud.' In the fevered world of IT marketing, what exactly is 'multi-cloud'? Who cares about it? Who uses it?..."
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19 Jun 2017 How Containers And DevOps Transformed Duke University's IT Department [64441], June 16th 2017

It's difficult, even in retrospect, to know which came first for us: containers or a shift towards DevOps culture.

At Duke University's Office of Information Technology (OIT), we began looking at containers as a way to achieve higher density from the virtualized infrastructure used to host websites. Virtual machine (VM) sprawl had started to become a problem. We favored separating each client's website onto its own VM for both segregation and organization, but steady growth meant we were managing more servers than we could handle. As we looked for ways to lower management overhead and make better use of resources, Docker hit the news, and we began to experiment with containerization for our web applications..."
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19 Jun 2017 How Do You Manage Petabytes Of Data? [64482]
Storage-Switzerland, June 19th 2017

"Managing petabytes of data is fundamentally harder than managing terabytes. Getting management wrong could cost the company thousands or worse lead data lost that could cost the company millions. Problems that you can ignore or confront with brute-force techniques with terabytes of data become insurmountable obstacles when dealing with petabytes. The key to managing this level of data is to understand what your obstacles are and prepare for them with a focused, management approach..."
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