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19 Mar 2017 A Pragmatic Approach To Master Data Management [61454]
Information Management, March 9th, 2017

"I have frequently experienced projects that ran into serious problems due to data issues - typically issues caused by differences between various source systems," writes Erik Haahr in Information Management.

"The requirement is to be able to identify the same object in different systems. The problems could show up in various types of projects like Analytics/BI projects, Big Data projects, projects integrating new frontend systems, projects consolidating or replacing backend systems, etc.

In short all IT related projects..."
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15 Mar 2017 25 Top Master Data Management Providers (Slideshow) [61540]
Information Management, March 15th, 2017

"The MDM Institute has published a field report that examines the top vendors and products for master data management. In this slideshow Information Management looks at the first 11 vendors of the top 25. In part two tomorrow Information Management will explore the remainder..."
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16 Feb 2017 7 Ways MDM Threatens Employee Privacy [60630]
CSO Online, February 16th, 2017

"For years, organizations have turned to Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions with the hope of wrapping their arms around BYOD. MDM is a technology that enables organizations to control every aspect of a mobile device, from permitted apps to outbound communications. But with that complete control comes the potential for abuse.

To understand the extent to which MDM solutions could monitor and control BYOD devices, the Bitglass research team installed MDM software on several employees' personal mobile devices with their permission. The outcome? Complete visibility into employees' activities, personal interests and more at the click of a button..."
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03 Jul 2016 BYOD Can Pose Privacy Risks to Employees [53763]
CSO Online, June 23rd, 2016

"Companies that use remote device management software to oversee employee devices used for business have the ability to collect a lot more information than employees may be comfortable with, according to a report released today," writes Maria Korolov in CSO Online.

'The intent of these MDM solutions is not to spy on employees, but to monitor for things like malware and general security,' said Salim Hafid, product manager at Bitglass, which produced the report..."
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27 Jun 2016 20 Top Master Data Management Solutions For 2016 (Slideshow) [53991]
Information Management, June 27th, 2016

"If you're on the market for a top shelf master data management solution, this newly-released listing from The MDM Institute offers great insights on products you should include in your search..."
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