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29 Dec 2015 Quartet FS In-Memory Analytics Java Advantage on Oracle SPARC [48740]
By Claudia Nastase

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09 Jun 2015 Oracle Sun Servers Line Card [43363]
15 Page Summary

More than 30 years of systems expertise and innovative thinking have gone into creating Oracle servers. These systems are some of the most reliable, scalable, and energy-efficient systems in the industry. They are the core building blocks for mission-critical enterprise computing; enterprise application environments; and virtualization and cloud deployments.

  • SPARC entry-level servers
  • SPARC mid-range servers
  • SPARC high-end servers
  • Fujitsu M10 servers
  • x86 enterprise class servers
  • Netra systems
  • Blade server modules and chassis
  • Netra blade server modules and chassis

Oracle's complete portfolio of servers, storage, systems software, and networking products are engineered to work together to deliver record-breaking performance, simplified management, and cost-saving efficiencies.
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24 Apr 2015 Deferred dump in Solaris [42106]
Store dump in memory, reboot the system and extract the dump to disk

Vlad writes, "Kernels of even most robust operating systems do crash from time to time and getting crash dump image of kernel and process memory is usually indispensable for root causing the problem. With growing memory sizes (the M6-32 SPARC server can have up to 32TB of RAM) the amount of data which needs to be written to disk in order to store a crash dump can be pretty big - for larger systems uncompressed crash dumps with tens of gigabytes in size are not exceptional... To overcome this limitation I've been working with my colleagues Sriman, Brian, Nick and Chris to store dump in memory, reboot the system and extract the dump to disk. This technology is called Deferred dump..."
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26 Feb 2015 Spotlight On: Oracle Systems Learning Stream [41062]
Online Training to Support Your Infrastructure Professional Development

Ask yourself:

  • Are you up to speed on "Software in Silicon"?
  • Are you familiar with the Virtual Compute Appliance?
  • Are you using SPARC M6-32 or FS1 software?
  • What's new with the Exadata X5 release?
  • Do you know what the experts are saying about Linux?
  • Do you know how to build an Oracle Key Manager Cluster setup?
  • Have you heard of the new Engineer System, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance?
  • How do you scale SAM-QFS?
  • Which systems provide optimization for the cloud?
  • What is the latest information available on ZFS Storage Appliance?
  • Would an overview of the Oracle Enterprise Manager help you?
  • Which Oracle products can increase performance in your Data Center?

Learn the answers to these questions by accessing our recently released training option: Oracle Learning Streams..
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10 Jun 2014 In-Memory Boosts Oracle OLTP By 2X, Analytics By 1000X [36860]
By Timothy Prickett Morgan

Timothy Prickett Morgan writes, "With the lion's share of the relational database market underpinning the systems of record humming along in datacenters, Oracle cannot afford to let its rivals get too far ahead of it when it comes to in-memory processing. After years of development and three and a half months of beta testing, Oracle is nearly ready to ship the in-memory features of its new 12c database.

Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison hosted a coming out party for the In-Memory Database option for Oracle 12c and as usual, he likes to put on a show. This one featured a bunch of demonstrations of query processing on single node Exalytics and multimode Exadata clusters as well as on the SPARC M6-32 NUMA machine, all aimed at showing how much faster Oracle 12c is with the in-memory option and also explaining how Oracle's approach is different from SAP with its HANA in-memory database. Ellison also showed the speedup customers are seeing running various Oracle applications..."
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