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14 Jun 2011 SPARC Enterprise M5000 Delivers First PeopleSoft Payroll 9.1 Benchmark [24262]
Faster than $6m IBM z10 Mainframe with Nine 4.4 GHz Gen1 Processors

Oracle reports that its SPARC Enterprise M5000 server configured with eight 2.66 GHz SPARC64 VII+ processors together with Oracle's Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array storage achieved world record performance on the Unicode version of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll (N.A) 9.1 with extra large volume model benchmark using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 running on Oracle Solaris 10. In setting this record, the SPARC Enterprise M5000 server processed payroll payments for the 500K employees PeopleSoft Payroll 9.1 (Unicode) benchmark in 46.76 minutes compared to a previous result of 50.11 minutes for the PeopleSoft Payroll 9.0 (non-Unicode) benchmark configured with 2.53 GHz SPARC64 VII processors resulting in 7% better performance, according to the Oracle release. The SPARC Enterprise M5000 server completed the end-to-end run in 66.28 mins, 11% faster than earlier published result of 73.88 mins with Payroll 9.0 configured with 2.53 GHz SPARC64 VII processors.
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23 May 2011 Australian Agency Commits to Oracle Hardware Upgrade [24202]
Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Opts for Oracle M4000 Servers

The Australian Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) has agreed with Oracle to upgrade its existing SunFire V440 systems with a pair of Oracle M400 servers and an option for a third, all with attached storage arrays. The systems will be used to run Oracle RDBMS and other Solaris software and for disaster recovery and general system testing, reports Rodney Gedda in The M4000 servers will be to run mathematical modelling software and data storage for scientific instruments. The third system, if it is purchased, will be used to form a test cluster with the second machine.
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05 May 2011 Improving Oracle Database Performance by Adding Smart Flash Cache [24138]
Paper Reports Impressive Results on Sun SPARC Enterprise Midrange Server

In a paper released on the Oracle Technetwork and written by Roger Bitar, significant improvements in the performance of Oracle database were found when smart flash cache was added to the configuration. Testing was done with the iGEN-OLTP 1.6 benchmark formulated to simulate a lightweight Global Order System. Tests were run both with and without the smart flash cache, each time varying the size of the SGA buffer cache at 10%, 16%, and 20% the size of the database, Bitar reports.

The results demonstrate that an intelligent database that knows how to efficiently take advantage of flash-based storage can experience significant improvements in performance. Specific findings are that, when the SGA buffer cache size in memory is equal to 10% of the total database size, the system can scale to support 43% more users and 29% greater TPM than on a Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 server without Database Smart Flash Cache technology.

This approach is markedly less costly than increasing the capacity of the SGA buffer cache size.
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21 Feb 2011 Australian Maritime Safety Authority Sticks with Oracle Sun hardware [23947]
Prefers SPARC/Solaris to Windows and Linux on Intel and AMD

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), based in Canberra, is a federal government regulatory safety agency tasked with delivering services for maritime safety, aviation, marine search and rescue and protection of the marine environment. AMSA is proceeding with plans to expand its Oracle Sun hardware and software installation and set up a supplier panel for future upgrades and support services. Despite the availability of cheaper Intel and AMD systems that run Windows and Linux, AMSA is sticking with Solaris on SPARC because it deems the platform mature and mission-critical. According to AMSA CIO Ewan Perrin, "The platform is stable, mature and high-performing. AMSA will continue to leverage this investment in technology and internal skills, ensuring no disruption to search and rescue operations.” At the low-end, AMSA is pricing a SPARC Enterprise M3000 with one CPU and 16GB of memory, and at the high-end it is requesting quotes for Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 systems with four CPUs and 64GB of memory.
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03 Feb 2011 PeopleSoft Financials 9.0 Benchmark [23884]
Compares T3-1 Server with M-series Servers

Blogger Giri Mandalika writes about the benchmark set by PeopleSoft Financials 9.0, whose results on both the Oracle SPARC T3-1 Server and the Oracle Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 Server he draws attention to. The workload simulated the book-closing activities characteristic of the end of a reporting period.
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