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07 Jul 2011 SPARC T3-1 Record Results Running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Day in the Life Benchmark [24327]
Bests IBM POWER7, IBM X3650 M2 Servers

Oracle has set new benchmark records with the SPARC T3-1 Server running JD Edwards Enterprise One Day in the Life. Using an Oracle SPARC T3-1 server for the application tier and Oracle's SPARC Enterprise M3000 server for the database tier, a world record result was produced running the Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications Day in the Life benchmark run concurrently with a batch workload. Performance was 25% better than an IBM Power 750 POWER7 server that was not running a batch component. Space/performance was also 25% better for the Oracle product than for the POWER7 as measured by the online component. The SPARC T3-1 server based result is 5x faster than the x86-based IBM x3650 M2 server system when executing the online component of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0.1 Day in the Life benchmark. The IBM result did not include a batch component. The SPARC T3-1 server based result has 2.5x better space/performance than the x86-based IBM x3650 M2 server as measured by the online component. Other aspects of the benchmark result can be found at the link above.
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15 Apr 2011 Enhanced M3000 Server with SPARC64 VII+ Processor [24092]
Oracle and Fujitsu Collaborate on Server that Delivers Up to 20% Better Performance

Already a top performer in the Oracle server line, the enhanced SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server with the SPARC64 VII+ processor, developed on Fujitsu’s mission-critical computing technology in partnership with Oracle, now delivers up to 20 percent better performance than the previous generation SPARC64 processor. Equally impressive is that the enhanced SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server delivers this increased rate of performance with up to 37 less power consumption than similarly equipped HP and IBM servers. The M3000's internal Solid State Drives (SSD) enable the server, running Oracle Database 11g, Release 2 to take advantage of the Oracle Database Smart Flash Cache feature to increase I/O throughput and optimize system performance, Oracle's press release reports.
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21 Feb 2011 Australian Maritime Safety Authority Sticks with Oracle Sun hardware [23947]
Prefers SPARC/Solaris to Windows and Linux on Intel and AMD

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), based in Canberra, is a federal government regulatory safety agency tasked with delivering services for maritime safety, aviation, marine search and rescue and protection of the marine environment. AMSA is proceeding with plans to expand its Oracle Sun hardware and software installation and set up a supplier panel for future upgrades and support services. Despite the availability of cheaper Intel and AMD systems that run Windows and Linux, AMSA is sticking with Solaris on SPARC because it deems the platform mature and mission-critical. According to AMSA CIO Ewan Perrin, "The platform is stable, mature and high-performing. AMSA will continue to leverage this investment in technology and internal skills, ensuring no disruption to search and rescue operations.” At the low-end, AMSA is pricing a SPARC Enterprise M3000 with one CPU and 16GB of memory, and at the high-end it is requesting quotes for Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 systems with four CPUs and 64GB of memory.
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16 Dec 2010 Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Highlights Key Milestones on the SPARC Solaris Roadmap [23743]
If You Missed the Original Webcast, Watch the Replay Now

In his launch webcast remarks on the new SPARC Supercluster Larry Ellison announced "The Sunrise Program" as he introduced a number of new developments from Oracle/Sun. These include a new Oracle Database OLTP Performance TpmC world record; a new gold level support SLA for Gold Standard Configurations; two new products: SPARC Exalogic Elastic Cloud and SPARC Superclusters; and four technology updates, all in a crowded 32:53 minute video. Ellison also provided an update on the T4 microprocessor and the so-called "M3" processor, which is under development at Fujitsu. He also enthusiastically promoted FLASH technology, which has been extensively been incorporated into Oracle/Sun products. Overall, Ellison stressed optimization as the governing principle at Oracle.
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01 Nov 2010 SPARC Enterprise Servers See Expanded Deployment at Qualcomm [23632]
Company Opts for Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000, T5240 Servers

Qualcomm has opted for Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise servers to provide the enterprise-class, scalable infrastructure needed to support its large developer community and corporate IT systems. Oracle reports that Qualcomm runs a wide-range of mission-critical Oracle Applications, including CRM, Business Intelligence and Financial applications, as well as Oracle Database 11g, on the Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 and Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 servers. The company also uses Sun SPARC Enterprise servers to operate many of its Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools and engineering infrastructure.
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