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22 Apr 2013 IDC Analyst Optimistic About Effect of T5 and M5 Processors on Oracle's Market Share [30633]
New SPARC Servers Show Promise of Cutting in to IBM and HP's Server/Storage Sales

Oracle's new T5- and M5-processor-based servers have found favor with IDC analyst Jean Bozman, who writes that this technology refresh is based on 16-core SPARC microprocessors that run at 3.6GHz, she continues, with the result that they now run Unix server workloads much faster than before. Still, due to the binary compatibility that has historically been built into every generation of SPARC/Solaris servers, new T5 and M5 models will run older applications without change, she notes. Furthermore, the refreshed server line should enable Oracle to capture a larger share of the server market than it has sold to in Q2 FY13 and Q3 FY13
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06 Feb 2012 Oracle Server Finder: New Tool for Sys Admins [25384]
Lets You Choose the System that's Right for You

Oracle has developed the Oracle Server Finder, a compilation by system category of the various server offerings available from Oracle. The categories include:

  • Oracle Engineered Systems
  • SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers
  • Sun Fire x86 Servers
  • SPARC T-Series Servers
  • Blade Servers and Chassis
  • Sun Netra Carrier-Grade Servers

Each category has a link that leads to the configurations within. This tool reveals just the right amount of information about Sun servers. Three clicks and you'll have all the info you need.
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06 Feb 2012 Sun System Software Stacks [25385]
Get the Latest OS, Software, Firmware, Middleware, Drivers and Apps for Your Servers

In the interests of enabling its customers keep their respective software stacks current, Oracle has put together "The Software Stack and How to Keep Your Oracle Sun Server System Up to Date With the Latest Software," which displays the most recent versions of operating systems, software, firmware, middleware, drivers and applications for the several server series Oracle produces.

These are: SPARC T-Series Servers, SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers, Sun Blade Systems and Sun Netra Carrier-Grade Servers
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11 May 2011 SPARC T-3, Enterprise M-Series Servers Demonstrate Outstanding Performance [24172]
Several Benchmark Results Showcase SPARC Performance Superiority Across Oracle’s Software Portfolio

Several recent benchmark results demonstrate the viability of Oracle's integrated approach to hardware and software design, making it clear that Oracle solutions run optimally on Sun Oracle hardware. Oracle tested its SPARC T-Series and SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers in performance measures against IBM notably and in one instance delivered results nearly 2.5 times the IBM entry. Among the benchmarks involved were TPC-H@3000GB; JD Edwards EnterpriseOne "Day-in-the-Life" benchmark; and Oracle Communications ASAP. Oracle announced results as well for benchmarking tests using the Avitek medical Records application and on cryptographic performance of the SPARC T3 processor running the IPsec AES-256-CCM cipher. In every instance, Oracle's current line of servers outperformed either the competition or earlier versions of hardware.
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21 Apr 2011 High Availability for Business-Critical IT Services Using Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers [24113]
An Oracle White Paper April 2011 (52 Pages)

The Oracle white paper "High Availability for Business-Critical IT Services Using Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers" introduces readers to the benefits of adopting the integrated systems from Oracle that deliver a a comprehensive approach to availability, organizations also gain many business benefits, including increased revenue opportunities, lower costs, greater flexibility to respond to changing business conditions, and better ROI. Delivering the highest level of speedy availability to mission-critical applications is the aim of Oracle's SPARC Enterprise M-Series.
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