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09 Mar 2009 Daimler Gets Scalable STAR-CD I/O with Lustre [21430]
Scalable Data Grids for HPC

The Lustre file system was employed to Daimler AG's existing Sun Fire Server set up to allow unlimited scalability by adding more storage servers with attached storage. "We deployed Lustre at Daimler's Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics Department benchmark on 48TB Sun Fire X4500 storage servers, delivering 1.5GB/s over InfiniBand and removing I/O bottlenecks at the start & final phases."
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09 Mar 2009 "Lustre File System: Demo Quick Start Guide" [21458]
Sun BluePrints Online: For Non-Linux Experts

With this Sun BluePrint, non-Linux experts will have the opportunity to review how to set up a Linux-based Lustre file system. "This paper provides a simple cookbook for non-Linux experts on how to set up a Linux-based Lustre file system using small servers, workstations, PCs, or other available hardware for demonstration purposes."
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06 Mar 2009 Seventh Annual Lustre User Group Meeting - LUG '09 [21371]
Sausalito, Calif., April 16-17, 2009

Registration is open for the Lustre User Group Meeting 2009 (LUG09) at The Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, California on April 16 to 17, 2009. This event provides the opportunity learning new technical information, acquiring best practices, and sharing knowledge about Lustre technology.
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16 Feb 2009 Sun in the Open Source Storage Market [21282]
A Look at the New Options for Storage Customers

According to Carol Sliwa, author of the article "Open-source Storage Explained," written for, the rather haphazard manner in which enterprises acquire open-source storage software and then implement storage systems has created a perfect marketing climate for the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems. It is the combination of industry-standard hardware and a software stack that features open-source technology that gives the Sun solution this advantage, Sliwa asserts.
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26 Jan 2009 Sun HPC Cluster Slated for University of Zurich [21217]
Based on 576 Sun Blade Servers, Cluster Will Rank Around 50 of Top500 Supercomputers

The supercomputer to be deployed at the University of Zurich will rank as number 50 in the Top500 list of supercomputers. It is based on 576 Sun Blade servers that are powered by the Intel Xeon processor that is codenamed Nehalem. It is scheduled to go online in late summer 2009. One of the largest HPC machines in Switzerland, the Zurich computer is unique in its compact design, efficient QDR InfiniBand network, ingenious cooling system, fast and high-capacity storage systems. The cluster will also take advantage of the Lustre parallel file system.
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