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15 Apr 2009 Sun Introduces New HPC Products and Technologies [21671]
New Servers, Integrated Open Storage and High-performance Networking

At the Sun Open Network Systems launch, the company introduced servers, integrated open storage, and high-performance networking designed for the HPC market as well as other customers wanting to take advantage of high performance technology capabilities that address high performance, high throughput, large memory, and fast I/O. Sun reports that with these new HPC systems, customers can simplify their environment from less highly integrated solutions -- reducing cabling by 84 percent, switches by 97 percent, and rack space by 75 percent.
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14 Apr 2009 Sun Lustre On-site Implementation Services [21652]
Define Your Lustre Parallel File System Requirements and Sun Will Deliver

Take full advantage of the Lustre file system by integrating the software quickly and efficiently into an HPC environment via the Sun Lustre On-site Implementation Services. This offering allows Sun to design, rapidly deploy, and perform acceptance testing for the pre-defined configuration of Lustre to meet HPC customers' particular IT and business needs.
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23 Mar 2009 $30 Million Deal Signed Between Sun and Australian Meteorologists [21561]
For One of the Largest HPC Environments in Southern Hemisphere

A $30 million deal between Sun and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and the Australian National University (ANU) is expected to create one of the largest high-performance supercomputer (HPC) environments in the Southern Hemisphere with two Sun Constellation systems installed at each site running an open source software stack. The HPC environments will host more than 2500 Sun Blade server modules based on the new Intel "Nehalem" Xeon processor. Sun reports that this is a first for weather forecasting.
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16 Mar 2009 Sun to Provide Infrastructure for South Africa's Largest Supercomputer [21527]
Hybrid Architecture to Provide 27 TeraFLOPS of Peak Computing Power

South Africa's largest HPC environment at the Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) in Cape Town will offer 27 teraflops - or 27 trillion floating point operations per second - of performance supported by Sun hardware and software solutions, including massive SPARC-based servers. Sun, along with local partners Eclipse Networks and Breakpoint Solutions, will provide the infrastructure for Phase II of this world-class high performance computing facility.
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09 Mar 2009 Daimler Gets Scalable STAR-CD I/O with Lustre [21430]
Scalable Data Grids for HPC

The Lustre file system was employed to Daimler AG's existing Sun Fire Server set up to allow unlimited scalability by adding more storage servers with attached storage. "We deployed Lustre at Daimler's Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics Department benchmark on 48TB Sun Fire X4500 storage servers, delivering 1.5GB/s over InfiniBand and removing I/O bottlenecks at the start & final phases."
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