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24 Jun 2009 New Open Networking Technology and HPC Software [22018]
Sun Constellation System Receives Enhancements, Sets Benchmarks

A new InfiniBand (IB) Quad Data Rate (QDR) switch, new Sun HPC Software Linux Edition 2.0, Sun Grid Engine 6.2 Update 3, and enhancements to the Lustre file system were all part of product announcements Sun made during the 2009 International Supercomputing Conference held June 23-26 in Hamburg. These new products improve and expand the Sun Constellation System, which also set new SPEC CPU2006 benchmarks, Sun reported.
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24 Jun 2009 Top500 Supercomputer List - June 2009 [22023]
Sun-powered TACC and JUROPA Make Top 10

The Sun Blade X6420 and Sun Constellation placed Sun in the top 10 of the Top500 Supercomputer List, which lists the world’s most powerful supercomputers biannually. Announced at the 2009 International Supercomputing Conference, the Sun Blade X6420 is part of the Ranger supercomputer at the Texas Advanced Computing Center which landed at number 8 on the list by achieving 433.20 teraflop/s on Linpack benchmarks. The Sun Constellation System is part of supercomputer JUROPA, which earned the number 10 spot with 274.8 Tflop/s. JUROPA is installed at the Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ) in Germany.
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17 Jun 2009 White Paper: "Accelerating Performance and Reducing Costs for Data-Intensive HPC Workflows" [21866]
Sun Delivers the Goods for Cost-effective HPC and Technical Computing

Data management and storage system performance, rather than compute power, are becoming the desiderata of high performance computing (HPC) applications contends a recent Sun white paper entitled "Accelerating Performance and Reducing Costs for Data-intensive HPC Workflows". With the fast multicore servers and high-capacity storage systems currently in use, HPC and technical computing customers are generating greater amounts of data through sophisticated models and analysis programs. Today’s HPC environments run more frequent and more complex simulations that absorb and produce increasing amounts of data while sharing the data across global teams of researchers, engineers, or analysts.
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12 Jun 2009 Sun BluePrints: "Sun's High Performance Computing Reference Architecture" [21810]
Describes Sun Solutions for Both Large and Small Supercomputing Clusters

Sun is using their vast experience in building supercomputing clusters to create High Performance Computing (HPC) guidelines for its customers. HPC infrastructure is complex and configurations can be difficult to scale if not done properly. The Sun BluePrint "Sun's High Performance Computing Reference Architecture" is designed to attend to these challenges.
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09 Jun 2009 New Julich Supercomputer Center and its 2000 Node Sun Constellation System [21900]
One of the First Large QDR-based InfiniBand Supercomputers

The most powerful Sun technology-based computer in Europe is now online. The new Julich Supercomputer Center is supported by 2208 node Sun Constellation System and Sun Blade X6275 server modules. The Sun Constellation Systems operate with Intel Xeon processor 5570 series and communicate with each other via six newly developed "Project M9" InfiniBand switches from Sun that supply quad data rate (QDR) and up to 648 ports while slashing the amount of complex cabling required.
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