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10 Aug 2009 Best Practices for Performance Tuning MD Nastran [22068]
Sun BluePrints Provides Overview for Running MD Nastran in HPC Environment

Get performance tuning recommendations and best practice guidelines on MSC.Software’s HPC application, MD Nastran, and the hardware platform in a Sun BluePrints piece that aims to educate its readers on

  • estimating the optimum amount of memory (RAM) needed to run a particular MD Nastran analysis,
  • determining the number of concurrent MD Nastran jobs that can efficiently run on one compute node and
  • maximizing MD Nastran's File Management System (FMS) interface to access the available storage devices for optimum I/O performance.

The 39-page PDF is written for experienced MD Nastran users who are interested in performance-related issues.
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10 Aug 2009 Sun HPC Software, Linux Edition 2.0 [22181]
Open-Source Software Solution for Linux-Based HPC Clusters on Sun Hardware

The Sun HPC Software, Linux Edition 2.0 is an integrated, open-source software solution for Sun HPC clusters. A ready-made framework of software components turns a bare-metal system into a running HPC cluster. This latest edition features support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10sp2, Sun supported cluster software (Sun ClusterTools, Sun Studio, Sun Grid Engine), Lustre, MPI libraries pre-built with Pathscale and Sun Studio x86 compilers and more.
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26 Jun 2009 New Sun Downloads [22031]
Includes Lustre, Sun Fire Servers' Firmware, HPC ClusterTools and More

Have you downloaded the latest updates in Sun software for your Sun solutions? Take a look at the top ten updates made available June 17th through June 23rd. These include Lustre; Sun Fire X4540, X2270, X4170, X4270, X4275; Sun Servers Integration 1.0; HPC ClusterTools 8.2; HPC Software, OpenSolaris Developer Edition 1.0; Sun Blade X6275; and Sun Server Hardware Management Pack 1.1.
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24 Jun 2009 New Open Networking Technology and HPC Software [22018]
Sun Constellation System Receives Enhancements, Sets Benchmarks

A new InfiniBand (IB) Quad Data Rate (QDR) switch, new Sun HPC Software Linux Edition 2.0, Sun Grid Engine 6.2 Update 3, and enhancements to the Lustre file system were all part of product announcements Sun made during the 2009 International Supercomputing Conference held June 23-26 in Hamburg. These new products improve and expand the Sun Constellation System, which also set new SPEC CPU2006 benchmarks, Sun reported.
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24 Jun 2009 Top500 Supercomputer List - June 2009 [22023]
Sun-powered TACC and JUROPA Make Top 10

The Sun Blade X6420 and Sun Constellation placed Sun in the top 10 of the Top500 Supercomputer List, which lists the world’s most powerful supercomputers biannually. Announced at the 2009 International Supercomputing Conference, the Sun Blade X6420 is part of the Ranger supercomputer at the Texas Advanced Computing Center which landed at number 8 on the list by achieving 433.20 teraflop/s on Linpack benchmarks. The Sun Constellation System is part of supercomputer JUROPA, which earned the number 10 spot with 274.8 Tflop/s. JUROPA is installed at the Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ) in Germany.
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