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18 Nov 2009 Sun HPC Recent Developments [22597]
New HPC Solutions, Benchmarks, Customers and Positioning on Top500 List

The latest Top500 list published in November shows three of the top five supercomputers based on Intel Nehalem CPUs were Sun Constellation Systems. Sun also doubled its number of entries since the June 2009 list with a total of 11 deployments providing nearly 2 PetaFLOPS (PFLOPS). Additionally, Sun announced new products and technologies for high performance computing (HPC), an upgrade to the Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System, new HPC benchmarks and new HPC customers.
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26 Oct 2009 Performance News Bites [22520]
Short Items of Interest on Sun Systems Performance

  • Sun's Performance on Reverse Time Migration
  • Benchmarks from Oracle OpenWorld
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Achieves World Record SPECweb2005
  • CP2K Ab-initio Dynamics Applications Software and Sun Blades
  • ProMAX Performance on Sun Blade 6048/X6275 Cluster
  • Highest Eight and Four-processor Results on the Two-tier SAP SD-Parallel
  • Sun Storage 6180 Over 70% Better Price/Performance Than IBM
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19 Oct 2009 Optimizing Sun HPC Hardware for ANSYS FLUENT [22344]
Guidelines for IT Administrators

The Sun BluePrints article "Sun Business Ready HPC for ANSYS FLUENT: Configuration guidelines for Optimizing ANSYS FLUENT Performance" by William Aiken explores the parameters to be considered when defining a processing configuration for ANSYS FLUENT. The number of cores (independent computing elements), amount of memory, and interconnect options are discussed. For situations where a significant amount of file I/O will occur, an overview of parallel and serial file system operations and storage subsystems is also provided.
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13 Oct 2009 New Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array [22467]
Power Efficient Flash Array for Accelerating Database Applications

Get fully-integrated Flash-based storage with Flash-optimized software in the new Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array that strives to accelerate Oracle and MySQL database workloads and optimize storage architectures. It features up to two terabytes of solid-state Flash capacity, 1.6 million read and 1.2 million write IOPS performance. Available in a single rack unit (1.75 inches), the new array consumes 300 watts of energy, Sun reports.
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11 Aug 2009 Replacing HDDs with SSDs to Improve HPC Systems I/O Performance [22082]
Also Will Reduce Energy Usage and Cooling Load

An argument is made for the use of SSD devices in benefiting HPC applications with large I/O components in a Sun BluePrints Online article by Lawrence McIntosh in Sun's Systems Engineering Solutions Group and Dr. Michael Burke in Sun's Strategic Applications Engineering. The two compare traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) and the newer solid state drive (SSD) technology in high-performance computing (HPC) applications. Application-based benchmarking and storage performance benchmark testing are used and demonstrate significant benefits in the use of SSD devices for HPC applications with large I/O components, the authors conclude.
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