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22 Apr 2010 Lustre Strategy Update [23058]
What Users Can Expect from Oracle

In a PDF on the strategy for Lustre, Peter Bojanic, director of Oracle's Lustre Group and Open Storage Systems outlined what is known at the moment concerning the solution's future, being careful to note that his presentation " ... is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract."
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09 Apr 2010 I/O Optimized Reverse Time Migration Benchmark Results for Sun Blade X6275/QDR IB/ [23003]
Enhances HPC Applications for Use by Geophysical Science

The Reverse Time Migration Benchmark presents MPI I/O tuning techniques in order to exploit the power of the Sun HPC ClusterTools MPI I/O implementation while also demonstrating the performance of the Sun Lustre File System as it might be used by exploration geophysicists worldwide. This is the explanation Melinda McDade provides in the blog "Sun Blade X6275/QDR IB/Reverse Time Migration."
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08 Mar 2010 New Oracle-Sun Downloads [22841]
Most Recent and Popular Ones Listed

The Oracle-Sun downloads page offers the latest downloads along with a list of the top software visitors have downloaded. The page also offers its featured downloads, such as Java, NetBeans, GlassFish, JavaFX,, VirtualBox, and more. This article lists the most recent and top downloads, and links to access them.
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04 Mar 2010 HPC News Bites [22887]
Short Items of Interest for the HPC Community

  • HPC in 2010
  • Lustre File System Update
  • Oracle to Participate in ISC and HPC Consortium
  • NFS Tuning for HPC Streaming Applications
  • HPC Application Performance with Flash Storage
  • How Flash Storage Fits into HPC
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12 Feb 2010 New HPC Installation Goes Online at University of Strathclyde [22811]
Sun Technology Underlies Esteem System's Implementation

With its 1,088 computing cores, 100TB of data storage tied to a quad data rate Infiniband network and a quoted performance of 13 Teraflops at peak -- equivalent to up to thirteen trillion operations per second -- the new High Performance Computer at Scotland's University of Strathclyde, implemented by supplier Esteem Systems using Sun technology, enables the university's Faculty of Engineering to address complex problems in materials, fluid dynamics and design.
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