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12 May 2017 Friday Spotlight: Migrate Virtual Machines from VMware to Oracle VM [63370]
By Simon Coter

Simon Coter blogs, "We are very pleased to announce a new whitepaper and tool that help customers migrate virtual machines from VMware to Oracle VM.

More and more customers would like to move away from the high cost and proprietary virtualization solution to the open cloud infrastructure built on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. In this white paper, we discuss 4 methods to approach what was a painful migration from VMware to Oracle VM; in fact, into this whitepaper you'll find 4 different main chapters:..."
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11 May 2017 Microsoft To Add Support For Suse, Fedora Bash Shells To Windows 10 [63278]
ZDNet, May 11th 2017

"Microsoft is continuing to bring more Linux shell options to Windows 10, Windows Server and its Azure Portal...

Microsoft already offers Ubuntu Linux via its Windows Subsystem for Linux in Windows 10.

Now the company is set to add support for more Linux distributions in the coming months, officials said on May 11 during Microsoft's Build 2017 Day 2 keynote.

The SuSE and Fedora Bash shells -- as well as the existing Ubuntu shell -- are all going to be available for download from the Windows Store, said Microsoft Executive Vice President of Windows and Devices Terry Myerson..."
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08 May 2017 SUSE Academic Program Opens Door to Open Source for Students Globally [63360]
SUSE, May 8th 2017

SUSE is opening the door to the world of open source software for students around the globe through the new SUSE Academic Program. SUSE is sharing no- or low-cost open source software, training curriculum, tools and support to help schools, universities, teaching hospitals and other academic organizations use, teach and develop open source software with their students. The curriculum includes courses for SUSE Linux Certified Administrator (SCA) , among others.
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08 May 2017 Why The Largest Companies In The World Count On Linux Servers [63277]
Linux Journal, May 7th 2017

"Linux started its life in the data center as a cheaper alternative to UNIX. At the time, UNIX operating systems ruled the industry and for good reason. They were performant, fault tolerant and extremely stable. They also were very expensive and ran on very proprietary hardware. A lot of the familiar utilities and applications developed for those UNIX platforms eventually were ported over to Linux. So, once Linux ran services like Apache, it came as no surprise that Linux would usurp and replace the very same technologies that once inspired its creation. The very best part was that Linux ran on commodity x86 hardware. At the end of the day, anyone could deploy a Linux server at a fraction of the cost to deploy something from Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics (SGI) or from any other UNIX distributor..."
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07 May 2017 Linux's Big Bang: One Kernel, Countless Distros [62970]
Linux Insider, April 27th 2017

"Even if you're a newcomer to Linux, you've probably figured out that it is not a single, monolithic operating system, but a constellation of projects," writes Jonathan Terrasi in Linux Insider. "The different 'stars' in this constellation take the form of 'distributions,' or 'distros.' Each offers its own take on the Linux model.

To gain an appreciation of the plethora of options offered by the range of distributions, it helps to understand how Linux started out and subsequently proliferated. With that in mind, here's a brief introduction to Linux's history..."
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