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14 Jul 2014 Everything is Obvious - with Big Data from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. [37437]
Information Management, July 14th, 2014

"I'm just getting around to reading Issue 2 (4 annual) of Big Data, by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers. I like the publication quite a bit - it's found a nice data science niche between talking head bloggers and the often too stuffy academics.

Issue 2 has a nice interview with sociologist and data scientist Duncan Watts by founding editor Edd Dumbill, late of O'Reilly Media and formerly program chair for the O'Reilly Strata and Open Source conferences..."
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03 Aug 2009 Sun-Emerson Network Power Alliance [22160]
Goal To Improve Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Sun and Emerson Electric Co., an electrical products manufacturer, announced they will partner to offer businesses technology that improves energy efficiency in data centers. This global sales alliance will have Sun's data center efficiency consultants working directly with Emerson's local Liebert power, cooling and services specialists worldwide to assess, develop and maintain solutions for a variety of customer data center problems. The companies promise to deliver plans along with products and services for improved data center productivity and efficiency.
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15 May 2009 HPC News Bites [21817]
Short Items of Interest to the HPC Community

  • Sun HPC Consortium in Hamburg, June 21 & 22
  • Cluster Computing the End-All Solution? Not Necessarily.
  • Video Presentation on the Features of Lustre 1.8
  • White Paper on Lustre Networking
  • Julich Supercomputer Center Chooses Sun HPC Technologies
  • TACC Implements Data-Intensive System Base on Lustre
  • Sun HPC News
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30 Apr 2009 Sun Cooling Door 5600 [21720]
Capable of Removing 100% of Heat Generated by the Sun Blade 6048

The Sun Cooling Door 5600 System is an energy efficient cooling system for the Sun Blade 6048 Modular System. As a rear door heat exchanger, it removes heat right at the source through the use of refrigerant gas technology and leveraging the Liebert XD system cooling infrastructure. Current Liebert XDP (refrigerant/coolant distribution unit) capacity is 160 kW and it will support up to four Sun Cooling Doors 5600. Minimum load for Liebert XDP operation is 32 kW and the maximum capacity for the Sun Cooling Door 5600 is 35 kW.
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21 Apr 2009 Sun Cooling Door Systems [21732]
Reduces Energy Costs, More Efficient than Traditional Systems

There's a new way datacenters can be cooled and it is more efficient than traditional methods. The Sun Cooling Door Systems attach to the back of Sun Blade modular systems, removing heat right at the source with a choice of using either chilled water or refrigerants.
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