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26 Dec 2016 How Oracle's Database Business Changes (And Doesn't) In The Cloud [59327]
By Chris Murphy, December 26th, 2016

Chris Murphy writes, "When it comes to database workloads, the shift to the cloud has only barely begun. Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison recently explained how, as that shift accelerates, the transition of databases to the cloud will be very different from the more established software-as-a-service business.

Ellison, speaking on a conference call December 15 about Oracle's second-quarter FY2017 financial results, first laid out the competitive landscape. He said he measures Oracle's performance by comparing its cloud technology and market share to two main competitors: in applications and Amazon Web Services in both infrastructure and databases..."
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02 Nov 2016 Gut check on Oracle's journey to the cloud [57632]
By Keith Townsend

"Oracle's Chuck Hollis recently wrote a blog post explaining the company's cloud strategy. Here is a summary of the main points and what you can learn from the roadmap...

Larry Ellison is known for making bold claims surrounding Oracle's Cloud strategy. When VMware and AWS announced their partnership, Oracle's senior vice president Chuck Hollis was quick to dismiss the partnership and lament that neither VMware nor Dell EMC has a viable cloud strategy in his opinion. Hollis is an alumni of both EMC and VMware, and some users on Twitter had partially chalked up the retort to his competitive spirit, as during his time at VMware Hollis was known to pick fights with competitors such as Nutanix..." -TechRepublic
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27 Oct 2016 Why Oracle Talks More About Workday Than Salesforce (Hint: ERP Is The Crown Jewel) [57434]
By Chris Murphy

Chris writes in Forbes, "When investment analysts had a chance to ask Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison questions at the close of Oracle OpenWorld 2016, they focused almost exclusively on Oracle's cloud software, platform, and infrastructure businesses. One question focused on the competition: Why does Oracle talk about Workday as its most important cloud software competitor, when rival is a much bigger cloud company?"
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20 Oct 2016 Oracle's Safra Catz: How Finance Can Lead Cloud Transformation [57226]
By Margaret Lindquist

Margaret writes in Forbes, "Modern, cloud-based finance systems can generate significant growth for businesses because they can empower more employees to make better decisions, Oracle CEO Safra Catz said during a luncheon at Oracle OpenWorld 2016. However, as her experience at Oracle illustrates, new technologies have their greatest impact when they are part of an overall corporate transformation.

According to Catz, when she first came to Oracle, in 1999, Larry Ellison asked her to help with a massive undertaking - the complete information technology transformation of the company, taking it from multiple, disparate systems spread across the globe, to a single source of truth for the business..."
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17 Oct 2016 Larry Ellison's 10-Point Plan: How Oracle Will Beat Amazon In The Cloud [57243]
By Bob Evans

Bob writes, "Eager to help Oracle customers around the globe innovate and grow, founder Larry Ellison says his company's surging efforts in Oracle ERP Cloud applications and cloud infrastructure have reshaped the competitive dynamics of the industry such that Oracle's top two competitors are now Workday and Amazon Web Services.

Oracle can provide its customers the maximum possible benefit in the ERP cloud space - including financials, procurement, performance management, project management, and much more - Ellison says, because this application affects so many business processes..."
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