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07 Apr 2014 3 Trends Driving Big Data Breakthroughs: A CIO's View [35761]
Information Week, April 7th, 2014

"The LTO Program Technology Provider Companies (TPCs), HP, IBM and Quantum, announced that LTO generation 6 tape has reached a cost-per-gigabyte of 1.3 cents based on the current market price of tape media. (Assuming LTO-6 cartridge price of $80 based on a pricing survey of more than two dozen websites offering LTO-6 cartridges and assuming 2.5:1 compressed capacity of a single cartridge. Actual prices may vary.)..."
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24 Jan 2014 Fujifilm Manufactured 100 million LTO Cartridges [34646], January 24th, 2014

"Fujifilm Recording Media USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, a manufacturer of storage media, has manufactured over 100 million LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Ultrium data cartridges since its release of the first generation of LTO in 2000.

This equates to over 53 thousand petabytes of storage and more than 41 million miles of tape, enough to wrap around the globe 1,653 times..."
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03 Dec 2013 Oracle Key Manager 3 [33905]
centrally manage keys for end-points

Now, your customers' data center security has become easier to manage. With Oracle Key Manager 3, they can centrally manage keys for end-points such as Java applications, Oracle Database, Oracle ZFS File System, Oracle Solaris 11, OEL Operating Systems, StorageTek Enterprise tape drives and StorageTek LTO 4/5/6 tape drives. Oracle Key Manager 3 also gives them server power, replication acceleration, and faster encryption capabilities with on-chip cryptography support with a new server platform (Netra SPARC T4-1).
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28 Oct 2013 Disk-pushers, get reel: Even GOOGLE relies on tape [33453]
Tape is back in the ring

Chris Mellor from The Registers writes, "Tape has spent some time on the ropes, but now it's back in the ring. After suffering five or more years of onslaught from pro-disk fanatics drunk on disk deduplication technologies, reality has struck home. Tape is cheaper than disk*. Tape is more reliable than disk and, the killer, tape's storage capacity can go on increasing for years.

In fact, IBM is currently preparing to demonstrate a near-40X improvement on LTO-6 capacity, while the rate of disk capacity increase is much slower.

Tape is the only storage medium that can confidently say it can keep up with the growing amounts transactions, images, music, plus compliance needs, social media conversations and machine-to-machine messages that are being thrown at our IT systems. Sure, store it on flash and disk when it's hot but bleed it off to tape when it's old and cold and can't be thrown away..."
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20 Sep 2013 Storagetek T10000D Tape Drive Dive And Oracle.s StorageTek Linear Tape File System [32989]
Video and Launch Replay

Oracle's 4th generation StorageTek T10000D tape drive combines world-record capacity and performance with three generations of proven enterprise-class reliability. This powerful combination enables mass consolidation of tape storage environments into fewer cartridges, tape drives, and libraries for a total cost of ownership (TCO) less than LTO-6.

See the launch webinar from September 17. Register here.

Take a look at the new StorageTek T10000D Video here.
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