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14 Sep 2015 LTO Program Announces Generation 7 Specifications - 15 TB tape cartridges [45934]
Storage Review , September 14th, 2015

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16 Jul 2015 StorageTek LTO-6 Half Height IBM Tape Drives and 2.50 Firmware [44434]
for the SL150 Tape Library

Oracle announced the availability of StorageTek LTO 6 Half Height IBM Drives for the StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library and the release of 2.50 firmware for the SL150.

With the release of 2.50 firmware, the StorageTek SL150 now supports half-height LTO 6 drives from both IBM and HP, in addition to the StorageTek LTO 5 half-height HP FC and SAS drives. Customers now have the option to choose their LTO 6 drive supplier (IBM or HP).
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13 Apr 2015 IBM, Fujifilm Show Tape Storage Still Has a Long Future [42073]
PCWorld, April 9, 2015

"IBM and Fujifilm have figured out how to fit 220TB of data on a standard-size tape that fits in your hand, flexing the technology's strengths as a long-term storage medium.

The prototype Fujifilm tape and accompanying drive technology from IBM labs packs 88 times as much data onto a tape as industry-standard LTO-6 (Linear Tape-Open) systems using the same size cartridge, IBM says. LTO6 tape can hold 2.5TB, uncompressed, on a cartridge about 10 by 10 centimeters (4 by 4 inches) across and 2 centimeters thick.

The new technologies won't come out in products for several years and may not be quite as extreme when they do, but the advances show tape can keep getting more dense into the future, said Mark Lantz, manager of IBM's Advanced Tape Technologies Group...."
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02 Apr 2015 Tape Thrives at the Margin as Shipped Capacity Breaks Record [41774]
The Register, April 2, 2015

"Shipped tape capacity passed 6.6 exabytes in the third 2014 quarter, a record.

An HP backup, recovery and archive product manager, Simon Watkins, revealed this in a blog. As a man with lots of tape libraries in his set of products, you'd expect him to be pleased.

The data came from the Santa Clara Consulting Group.

Watkins also said 'LTO-6 tape media pricing fell below one cent per gigabyte' and repeated the general message that tape archives are cheap - much, much cheaper than disk. When data is in a long-term preservation state, then low-cost storage is prioritised over faster access, but more expensive (meaning disk) alternative media..."
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17 Mar 2015 Top Tips for Implementing Data Storage Tape [41527]
Enterprise Storage Group, March 17, 2015

"How things change. For years, even decades, people have been getting rid of tape. They bought into the idea that disk was the way to go and that tape was 'old hat.'

But the realities of a Big Data world and the advances in tape technology, density, reliability and usability have brought the realization to many that they shouldn't have been so hasty. And that's showing up in the raw numbers. According to the Active Archive Alliance, nearly 250 million Linear Tape Open (LTO) tape cartridges have been shipped since the format's inception. That's more than 100,000 PB of data on LTO..."
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