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22 Oct 2012 IBM Prepares to Demo 125TB MONSTER Tape [28283]
The Register October 19, 2012

"IBM has revealed it is preparing a technology demonstration of a 125TB tape, and has revealed that LTO-6 tapes use shingling, with overlapped data tracks.

In January 2010, IBM demonstrated a tape with 35TB of raw capacity. Apply LTO-6's 2.5:1 compression ratio to that and you get 87.5TB. This contrasted with the then-current LTO-5 tape's raw capacity of 1.5TB.

The LTO consortium has a roadmap of two more formats: LTO-7 with 6.48TB raw capacity, and LTO-8 with 12.8TB. Assuming that the upcoming LTO format capacity doubling, IBM's 35TB tape, created with the help of Fujifilm, would fit between a conceivable LTO-9 with around $25TB and an LTO-10 with 50TB..."
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26 Mar 2012 Tape Density, LTO and Enterprises [25852]
InfoStor March 25, 2012

"It has been over a year since Oracle announced T10000C, and not many months later IBM announced TS-1140. Both have huge densities over LTO-5. (Uncompressed density of 5TB for T10000C and 4 TB for TS-1140.) LTO-5 is still at 1.5 TB, and LTO-6 is still unannounced as far as I know. My understanding based on official statementsis that LTO-6 will offer a storage capacity of up to 8.0 terabytes compressed, or 3.2 TB native.

Let's assume LTO-6 comes out at 3.2 TB, and let's assume this happens in 2013, as there have been no official announcements about LTO-6 so far in 2012 ..."
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21 Feb 2012 Toigo: Keep Tape In Your Disaster Recovery Policy [25543]
Search Disaster Recovery February 21, 2012

"Jon Toigo, founder and CEO of Toigo Partners International, is a frequent speaker at our Storage Decisions seminars and conferences -- and he’s also a big proponent of keeping tape in your organization's disaster recovery policy. This week, we discussed tape’s role in backup and DR today, how tape is evolving, and whether cloud storage will replace tape for long-term data retention.

'The most compelling development in tape is growing capacities,' he said. 'It won’t be long before you are going to be looking at LTO cartridges that can store up to 32 terabytes of data,' said Toigo, referring to the published LTO roadmap.

Currently, LTO-5 tapes offer native capacity of 1.5 TB (3.0 TB compressed). However, the LTO Ultrium roadmap indicates that LTO-6, which will be released later this year, will offer 3.2 TB (8.0 TB compressed) ..."
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07 Sep 2011 Tapes Have Significant TCO Benefits Over Disk [24545]
Two Studies Find Significant Advantages in Tape Storage has published a story on the results of two studies of TCO in a variety of tape vs. disk scenarios. Both studies found that tape had long-term cost advantages when compared to a scenario that relied on a disk-only solution. The TCO under The Clipper Group scenario found the disk solution for long-term archiving to be more than $67M, contrasted to the $4.5M cost to deploy a tape solution a 12 year scenario. The cost of energy alone for disk at was $4M and only about $18k for tape.
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03 Feb 2011 StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive [23885]
5 TB native capacity and 240 MB/second native throughput

With a 5 TB native capacity and 240 MB/second native throughput, the StorageTek T10000C offers more than 3x the capacity and is 50 to 70 percent faster than any other tape drive, including the LT0-5 and the IBM TS1130. Compared to disk-only solutions from EMC, Oracle's StorageTek solution scales to 30x the capacity and 50x the performance, while requiring 99 percent less power and cooling. This increased capacity and throughput helps customers reduce the costs of enterprise storage while providing the fastest backup and archive solutions available today.

Oracle's StorageTek tape storage solutions are the first to scale to an exabyte (1000 PB with 2:1 compression) to handle the world's largest archive and long-term backup requirements.

Oracle's StorageTek tiered storage solutions incorporate the advantages of both disk and tape, and deliver the most scalable, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient storage solutions for heterogeneous data protection, consolidation, archiving and cloud environments.
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