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18 Jun 2015 Using MPxIO and Veritas [43482]
in Ops Center

Doug Schwabauer writes, "Enterprise Manager Ops Center has a rich feature set for Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDOMs) technology. You can provision Control Domains, service domains, LDOM guests, control the size and properties of the guests, add networks and storage to guests, create Server Pools, etc. The foundation for many of these features is called a Storage Library. In Ops Center, a Storage Library can be Fiber Channel based, iSCSI based, or NAS based.

For FC and iSCSI-based LUNs, Ops Center only recognizes LUNS that are presented to the Solaris Host via MPxIO, the built in multipathing software for Solaris. LUNs that are presented via other MP software, such as Symantec DMP, EMC Power Path, etc., are not recognized.

Sometimes users do not have the option to use MPxIO, or may choose to not use MPxIO for other reasons, such as use cases where SCSI3 Persistent Reservations (SCSI3 PR) is required..."
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02 Jun 2015 Quick and Dirty iSCSI between Solaris 11.1 targets and a Solaris 10 Initiator [43216]
Solaris as a storage server

"I recently found myself with a support request to do some research involving looking at the results of removing vdevs from a pool in a recoverable way while doing operations on the pool.

My initial thought was to make the disk devices available to a guest ldom from a control ldom, but I found that Solaris and LDOMS coupled things too tightly for me to do something which had the potential to cause damage..."
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19 Feb 2015 BMC Control-M Workload Automation integration with Solaris Cluster 4.2 on Solaris 11.2 [40936]
Certification was run on a T5-1 Blade

The upcoming V9 release of BMC Control-M Workload Automation has been certified with Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 on Oracle Solaris 11.2. The certification was run on a T5-1 Blade running Solaris 11.2 on guest LDoms at BMC's Tel Aviv Lab.

The ability of Solaris 11 to provide customized and virtualized HA capability for BMC's environment, in addition to building application-specific agents was key. The certification will directly benefit Oracle and BMC customers who want to deploy Control-M in their high-availability production environments.
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18 Jan 2015 Enterprise Manager Ops Center - Ops Center EC/PC sizing [40469]
By Rodney Lindner

Rodney writes, "When designing a customer's Ops Center environment, one of the first questions I get asked is how many servers can an Enterprise Controller (EC) or a Proxy Controller (PC) support. Customers think of sizing, as being the number of servers, LDOMs, etc. and these are lumped together into a total number of assets. In the real world, the answer to the "How many assets can my Enterprise Controller /Proxy Controller support?" question is, "It Depends". How you place your Proxy Controllers in your network and what you manage from each Proxy Controller can impact the total number of assets that can be supported from an Enterprise Controller..."
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02 Jan 2015 Use both LDoms and Solaris Zones combined [40125]
By Marcel Hofstetter

"On current SPARC Systems you can choose to use LDoms and/or Zones:

Using LDoms you are able to run independent Solaris Versions on the same SPARC Server. Dedicated Memory and CPUs makes LDom very efficient (Zero Overhead). LDoms can be live migrated to other SPARC Servers.

Solaris Zones are Application Environments running on a Solaris OS. Using Solaris Zones you run your Applications in different Versions and different configurations on the same Solaris OS..."
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